Kelly Clarkson’s Ex, Brandon Blackstock, No Longer Involved with Blake Shelton’s Management: Report

by Shelby Scott

Kelly Clarkson filed for divorce from soon-to-be ex-husband Brandon Blackstock in June of 2020. More recently, Blake Shelton’s longtime manager has almost entirely removed himself from the music scene. According to documents obtained by US Weekly, Blackstock has put minimal effort into his management of Shelton’s career, consequentially the manager’s one remaining client.

Some people wondered whether the divorce would put a strain on Clarkson and Shelton’s friendship. However, an insider told US Magazine that, “Blake and Kelly are extremely close….Their friendship and bond goes beyond the business.”

Regardless, it seems the two stars won’t have to worry about Blackstock getting in the way of their friendship for very long. Shelton’s former manager plans to, instead, live out life as a full-time rancher. Court documents read, “Respondent [Blackstock] made a very deliberate choice to change his life and become a rancher full-time,” the judge managing the couple’s case wrote on August 6th.

Further, the document continued, “[Blackstock] testified that he is not devoting any effort toward expanding his client list and music management business.” Based on the court documents, it seems Shelton’s former manager has made things incredibly easy for Clarkson as far as her friendship goes with the “Hell Right” singer.

Nevertheless, every divorce comes with its own contentions. In Clarkson and Blackstock’s case, the final feud lies in the shared partnership the couple has over their Montana ranch. And while the couple attempts to settle out their divorce, it seems that not only has Blackstock all but left the music scene, he isn’t even residing in California anymore, according to US Weekly‘s inside source.

Kelly Clarkson’s Life Has Been ‘a little bit of a dumpster’ During Divorce Proceedings

Divorce is never easy for anyone, whether for familial or financial reasons. Nevertheless, Kelly Clarkson is suffering the brunt of financial blows when it comes to her divorce from Brandon Blackstock. According to US, Clarkson must pay Blackstock almost $200,000 per month. Those expenses include $150,000 in spousal support. It also includes almost $46,000 in child support despite Clarkson’s primary custody of the couple’s two children.

Additionally, Clarkson took another hit when her request to sell their Vintage Valley Ranch was denied. Research found that the maintenance of the holding required a cost of about $81,000 per month. The couple’s shared property was a “financial burden” according to the pop singer. However, she was unable to sell because it now functions as Blackstock’s home and place of work. However the documents said should the former manager fail to maintain the grounds, Clarkson can make another request to sell.

In September of 2020, the star shared with Willie Geist that, “[Her] life has been a little bit of a dumpster.” She further explained that the divorce has been hard on her.

“I don’t know how people go through [divorce],” she admitted, “without having some kind of outlet because it is the worst thing ever for everyone involved.”