Kelly Clarkson Finds Buyer for Multi-Million Dollar Mansion After 4 Years: Take a Tour of the Incredible Home

by Madison Miller

After a long wait, a new owner will officially have the keys to the former mansion of musician Kelly Clarkson.

Clarkson’s Tennessee lake house has been on the market for four years now. The massive estate has seen a lot of changes in its prices over the years as well. The original market price was $8.75 million in 2017. She then cut the price in January to $7.5 million. Most recently, she cut the price once again to $6.95 million.

This seems to have done the trick. The massive mansion now has a buyer.

According to The New York Post, the mansion had spent years on the market without ever having an offer. Clarkson had decided to sell the mansion partially because of the breakup with her ex-husband, Brandon Blackstock.

Despite years trying to sell, Clarkson is now selling the mansion for more than what she originally paid. She purchased the house in 2012 for $2.86 million.

The artist, talk show host, and “The Voice” judge now lives in Los Angeles, since this is where her career centers itself.

The Tennessee mansion has seven bedrooms and 11 bathrooms. Kelly Clarkson did a massive amount of renovations since she lived there as well. The property sits on four acres of land and is also surrounded by more wooded land owned by the Army Corps of Engineers.

She was once living lakeside, as well. The mansion was seated by the Old Hickory Lake shoreline. Kelly Clarkson and her family had about 100 miles to fish, jet ski, swim or do anything else on the water. The house also has a covered boathouse, a children’s play area, and a pool-spa terrace. Not too shabby for outdoor entertainment selection.

Inside the house lies a theater, a game room, gym, two-story office, a cowboy bar, and a beautiful grand bedroom.

Kelly Clarkson: Brand Ambassador at Wayfair

For those who are all about Clarkson’s extravagant and Southern-style living, the singer is also a brand ambassador for the furniture brand called Wayfair.

According to House Beautiful, the company announced she would be their first brand ambassador in 2020. She was a part of the “Home: You Got This” campaign that started in February 2020.

Beyond talking about the brand on her social media and talk show, Kelly Clarkson also helped from a design perspective. She had a two-part collection of furniture, decor, and more released on the site. The collection is actually inspired by her own design style present in her homes. It’s a type of warm, Southern home, farmhouse-style atmosphere. There are bar carts, bedroom sets, dining tables, armoires, and many other pieces for fans of furniture or Kelly Clarkson to buy.