Kelly Clarkson Fires Back at Blake Shelton’s Claims She’s ‘Gone Hollywood’ and Forgotten ‘Her Roots’

by Emily Morgan
(Photo by: Trae Patton/ Getty Images)

After Blake Shelton put Kelly Clarkson on blast during Tuesday night’s episode of “The Voice,” proclaiming she’s too busy to be a coach, she fired back. When aspiring singer Gean Garcia took the stage during part two of blind auditions, Shelton did everything he could to make sure Garcia was on Team Blake. He even blocked Nick Jonas, who replaced his fiancée, Gwen Stefani, for Season 20.

After taking a stab at Jonas, he then went after Clarkson. During one part of the episode, he let his opinion be known when he claimed that she “doesn’t really have time for this” while hosting her daytime talk show, “The Kelly Clarkson Show.” But he didn’t stop there. He kept going with the accusations, saying that Clarkson has “completely gone Hollywood now.”

He even went so far as to say that she’s “forgot her roots.”

Kelly Clarkson Shoots Back at Shelton: ‘I Have Time To Do It All’

However, Clarkson wasn’t just going to lay there and take it. The “American Idol” winner was quick to jump in and defend herself. “I have time to do it all and nail it while doing it,” Clarkson shot back at Shelton. She then added that it’s “ironic” that he was “trying to serve us up on a Hollywood platter” considering he’s “always the one on covers of magazines and he’s dating Gwen Stefani.”

Even though it was an uncomfortable moment between the stars for the viewers at home, it seemed lighthearted and not too serious. However, in the end, Garcia ultimately chose team Kelly.

In addition, Shelton may have to eat his words. All you need to do is look at Kelly Clarkson’s track record to see that she’s accomplished a ton. The “American Idol” winner and talk show host recently revealed she’d written a whopping 60 new songs due to her divorce from her husband, Brandon Blackstock. Not to mention, she penned the songs while fulfilling her laundry list of duties as a mom and superstar.

After nearly seven years of marriage, Clarkson filed for divorce from Blackstock in June 2020 after “irreconcilable differences” left them unable to stay together.