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Kelly Clarkson Reveals She’s Quarantining With Her Kids at Home

by Amanda Glover
(Photo by Amy Sussman/BBMA2020/Getty Images for dcp )

With the COVID-19 pandemic in full swing, singer Kelly Clarkson is taking necessary precautions by quarantining with her children at home.

On Tuesday, the former “American Idol” star updated fans on her talk show. She discussed her current situation with actress and guest host, Taraji P. Henson. The 39-year-old singer popped up on camera without makeup, wearing a sleep mask, and robe. “Sometimes women don’t rise. Sometimes we fall,” Clarkson joked.

Kelly Clarkson admitted to still in quarantine with her two kids even though no one is sick. “I thought we were done with quarantining, and I’m so tired. I broke a nail. I’m so broken. This is me broken. My almond milk just expired. America, this is what I look like. You’re welcome,” she said. “I’m not even sick. It’s so weird. Anyway, we’re keeping it safe.”

As a HUGE “Encanto” fan, the mom of two revealed she and her kids are staying busy by re-watching the movie together.

“When I watch a movie with my children, it’s like watching three movies,” Kelly Clarkson laughed. “We’re watching ‘Encanto’ and then you’re listening to my son who always leaves mid-movie and just starts singing the soundtrack. And then you have River who literally just, right after the line is said, she just repeats like she’s memorizing dialogue for a play.” I’m right there with you, kids!

Kelly Clarkson Reaches Agreement with Ex-Husband for Montana Ranch

Even though Kelly Clarkson is happily at home with her son and daughter, last month wasn’t too easy for her family. After a back and forth with her ex-husband Brandon Blackstock regarding their Montana ranch, the two finally reached an agreement.

The 14-acre property is no longer full 14 as Clarkson’s ex Blackstock now owns 5% of the ranch. Technically, he owns 5.12%. That area of the ranch is worth over $900,000. As a whole, the property is worth $17.75 million!

Before the two agreed on shares, Kelly Clarkson tried to have Blackstock removed from the ranch late last year. During this time, the “Piece By Piece” singer lost her bid to have her ex-husband removed from the property.

“He has been living in it and said he doesn’t have the financial means to afford to purchase a residence of his own at this time, citing the unresolved financial aspect of their divorce,” a source revealed to Us Weekly in December 2021.

Believe it or not, the former couple had planned to sell the property. However, after Blackstock revealed he wanted to become a full-time rancher, he pressed he needed the property for business.

Ownership over the property had been a frustrating battle as both parties had claims to. Thankfully, Kelly Clarkson and Brandon Blackstock came to an agreement on January 20.

With an agreement finally, in place, we hope the two parties continue to co-parent successfully and that Kelly Clarkson finds new fun quarantining activities.