Kelly Clarkson Teaming Up with Chris Stapleton for Track on Her Christmas Album

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Cheriss May/NurPhoto via Getty Images)

I know Halloween isn’t even here yet, but this Kelly Clarkson news has me ready to get the Christmas lights and the sleigh bells. It looks like Chris Stapleton is teaming up with Clarkson on her next Christmas album.

This month, Clarkson is dropping a new Christmas album. When Christmas Comes Around will be available on October 15th. The singer-songwriter is already teasing out a collaboration. Glow is going to feature Stapleton and is an all-new song for the season.

In the teaser, the song has a nice big sound. It’s what you would expect from a Kelly Clarkson Christmas song. The way that her voice and Stapleton’s harmonize, this is a perfect pairing. The host of The Voice is no stranger to holiday tunes and knows how to bring the Christmas spirit every time she plays a song during the season.

This really is a collaboration of two superstar powers in country music. If her first single from the album is any indication, this is going to be a great project. Christmas Isn’t Canceled (Just You) is a fun, exciting, and new song. Clarkson can get so creative when it comes to the Holiday Season.

These are two artists that can belt out some lyrics. Seriously, the range and passion these artists have in their voices are unreal. It sounds like Stapleton and Kelly Clarkson will be putting out a great song. I’m sure this one is going to be on the radio and in stores all season long.

When does Clarkson find the time? Between her regular music career, her hosting duties on The Voice, touring, and everything in between, it is amazing she is getting this album out. Fans love listening to her every year when November and December roll around.

Kelly Clarkson Teams up With Ed Sheeran on ‘The Voice’

Speaking of Kelly Clarkson’s other professional ventures, her time as host on The Voice this season has gone very well. She is going to be teaming up with a special artist as a mega mentor on the show. Ed Sheeran is another huge talent that will be on the show. The four judges alone are a superteam of artists.

Adding Sheeran as a mega mentor also means some of the contestants will get to work with him. The teams have been selected from blind auditions. There are plenty of artists on the show that could benefit from his love song expertise.

With the beginning of the Knockout round starting, things are heating up on the show. Kelly Clarkson and her fellow judges competed for contestants to fill out their teams and now will guide them on a path to being better artists. The season continues all fall long.