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Kelly Clarkson Wants to Sell Montana Ranch Ex-Husband Brandon Blackstock Still Lives In: Reports

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by Kevin Winter/MTV VMAs 2020/Getty Images for MTV)

Singer-songwriter Kelly Clarkson is celebrating a major win in her messy divorce battle this week. Not only have the courts agreed to uphold her prenuptial agreements. She also has full permission to go forward in making attempts to sell her and her ex-husband country music manager Brandon Blackstock’s Montana ranch. The singer previously cited the ranch as a “financial burden.”

Earlier in the court trials, Clarkson was denied permission to sell her Montana ranch, which she legally owns as one of her holdings. Courts provided reasoning to the denial as Blackstock was and is currently residing there. Further, Blackstock’s attorney objected to the proposal. No court ruling concerning the ranch, nor the prenup, had reached conclusion at the time.

Nevertheless, TMZ reported Clarkson will not only keep possession of the ranch. She will also keep the majority of her other physical holdings and financial assets. Despite matters set forward in Clarkson’s prenup, the DailyMail reported Blackstock initially requested that their properties be split 50/50. The request included half the income that the singer earned during the length of the couple’s marriage. However, the outlet further stated a judge stopped the request. Further, courts agreed with Kelly Clarkson’s attorney that the star’s prenup required consideration.

Conclusively, the Clarkson has the right to sell the Montana ranch. But the singer also gets to celebrate another major victory in her court battles. Legally, the divorce reached finalization to the point where Clarkson may revert her full legal name which she still uses professionally.

Kelly Clarkson Previously Opened Up About Past Relationship Failings

Kelly Clarkson and Brandon Blackstock’s divorce proceedings have, no doubt, reportedly been intense. However, the artist admitted the reasons why she believes her past relationships have failed.

Clarkson made a recent appearance on comedian Kevin Hart’s Peacock series show, “Hart to Heart.” Clarkson expressed one of the major points in her life that contribute to why she’s been unable to make relationships work.

As many can probably relate, she claims her romantic problems are rooted in that she grew up without a father. “There’s no bar,” Clarkson said. “If you’re not shown the bar at a young age, you don’t know, partner-wise, what really to look for.”

Though a dismal fact, she is most definitely right. The relationships you observe as a child frequently contribute to your perceptions of others later in your adult life. “I think, unfortunately, statistically, a lot of us go through it,” she concluded.

Meanwhile, Blackstock must try to figure out where to go from the ex-couple’s shared ranch. He reportedly quit the music industry altogether to pursue a full-time gig as a rodeo manager, dedicating himself entirely to ranch management, rather than music management. Nevertheless, TMZ claims Clark’s legal representatives will most likely need to set certain conditions with Blackstock before the singer can go ahead in selling the property.