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Is Kelly Reilly, Actress of Beth Dutton, Leaving Paramount’s ‘Yellowstone’?

by Caroline Bynum
(Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for Paramount Network)

Kelly Reilly has fans worried after a recent Instagram post that seemingly hints at an end to her time on Yellowstone. Reilly, who plays the fiery daughter of John, Beth Dutton, posted the day of season three’s finale saying “what a wild ride it’s been xx @yellowstone


While she may be solely referencing the conclusion of another season of the record-breaking show, many fans worry about Beth’s fate after the jaw-dropping finale. Beth’s survival was uncertain at the end of the episode following an explosion in her office.

Fans were left asking questions about her fate, and fear of her death was amplified by the eery caption. Kelly Reilly’s post hints the season finale could be and end to the actress’s time on Yellowstone. Furthermore, fans are struggling to find any implication of confirmation of her survival or continuation on the show.

The third season left many fans begging to know more, as three favorites were left in life-threatening situations. John Dutton was shot at, and though his phone blocked a direct hit to his heart, his fate is unknown. Kayce also sparks fans’ worries: he hides under a desk as a gunman enters his office in the final scenes.

It seems since Kelly Reilly hasn’t confirmed she is in Montana filming this upcoming season, Beth’s final fate remains uncertain. Fans will finally learn the survival (or destined death) of favorites in season four. The next season will likely premiere in late June, in the same fashion as past seasons.