Kelly Ripa Looks Identical to Mother in Throwback Photos

by Jennifer Shea

Actress and talk show host Kelly Ripa really takes after her mother, as two eerily similar throwback photos prove.

On Tuesday, Ripa posted the photos to Instagram along with the caption, “Mom 1980. Me 2005.”

Ripa’s mother, Esther, looks just like the television star when she was Ripa’s current age. It’s especially obvious when they both have their hair pulled back and are smiling.

Ripa’s Mom Is Camera Shy

Late last month, Ripa visited her parents at their place and tried to take photos with them. Her dad Joseph obliged, but mom Esther was always darting out of the frame or putting a hand in front of her face to cover it.

“I got to spend Saturday with my folks in their natural habitat. ♥️♥️,” Ripa posted to Instagram later. “Mom proved as elusive to capture as always. Dad’s viewers choice award also took no chances. (Hepa filters. Windows open. Double masks. Still socially distant.)”

And in another Instagram post last year, Ripa recognized her parents’ wedding anniversary. She joked that they’ve been married for two centuries, but it feels like longer to them.

“Happy anniversary to my folks. Married 200 years, but they will tell you it feels like eternity ♥️😂😍 🥂,” Ripa wrote in the Instagram post. In the attached photo, both her parents are looking toward the camera and smiling – so apparently Ripa’s mom is only camera shy some of the time.

Kelly Ripa Has Flourished in Talk Show Host Role

Ripa has appeared on the morning talk show “Live” for 20 years now, ever since she replaced Kathie Lee Gifford as Regis Philbin’s cohost in 2001. She may seem like a natural, but Ripa said there was a steep learning curve early on.

“It really was an autonomous situation where I learned on the fly how to do that job because I didn’t really have a lot of time,” Ripa told Entertainment Weekly last month. “I guest-hosted that first time, [and] I think I guest-hosted two other times, and then I started working there.”

And even after she hit the ground running, the pressure to keep the show successful was intense. Ripa claims she just blocked that out and tried not to think of what was at stake should she fall short.

“I never think anything is that important, but I did not want to be the person that ruined a show with such a storied history,” Ripa explained. “I would hate for it to be a show that’s been on the air for 15 years and suddenly goes off the air the day I get there. That would be a bad legacy. I think I didn’t let myself ponder the notion of the significance of it because if I did, I probably wouldn’t have gotten out of bed every morning.”

But now, with co-host Ryan Seacrest at her side, she’s put off retirement to host more shows. And chances are her mom and dad are among her loyal viewers.