Kelly Ripa Returns to Social Media After Silence, Break from ‘Live with Kelly and Ryan’

by Madison Miller

Kelly Ripa, from “Live! with Kelly and Ryan,” has been MIA from her role on the popular morning talk show.

However, she is now back on social media as well after her break. She recently posted a throwback photo of her alongside her husband, Mark Consuelos. In the post, she also shares that the post is in celebration of MC50, which is being held virtually this year.

A couple of days before that she posted a collection of photos for her friend, Bruce Bozzi, on his birthday.

Before those two recent posts, she hadn’t posted in a week. Her post was actually a repost from Lucy Liu who had written about Anti-Asian hate in this country. The photo reads #StopAsianHate.

According to CNN, Kelly Ripa typically takes the first two weeks off in March. Her spot has been filled by popular entertainment reporter Maria Menounos on Monday and Tuesday. Then actress Ali Wentworth filled in on Wednesday and Thursday. Then the popular actor Harry Connick Jr. filled in for her as well.

While fans are surprised by her absence, this really isn’t something new for Ripa. She often takes some days off while her children are on spring break to spend time with them. Besides being a chance to spend time with family and have a break, there doesn’t appear to be anything else going on.

She has three children. Lola (19), Joaquin (18), and Michael (13).

Kelly Ripa Work Life

Kelly Ripa has said in the past that she eventually would want to retire from the show and get into writing or behind-the-scenes work. However, that doesn’t appear to be soon.

“I talk about this with Ryan [Seacrest] all the time because I was really looking to retire like by now, but Ryan Seacrest is so fabulous to work with and he is such a good friend. We’ve been friends for two decades, and I’ve got to tell you he is really such a draw to me there. I just love working with him so much. He makes every day feel like I’m not working and that’s when you know you have a great working relationship,” Ripa said in an interview with Parade in 2017.

It’s unclear when her return to the show will be at this time. She has won a Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Talk Show in 2012 for her work on the show.

Ripa and Consuelos own their own production company called Milojo. The company is a mix of all three of their kids names.

They first released the Emmy-nominated documentary called “The Streak.” The company also released “Homemade Millionaire” and “Masters of Reception” on the Discovery Channel. Most recently, both she and her husband were producers of an Oxygen series called “Exhumed.”

“Live! with Kelly and Ryan” is typically on during the week on ABC at 9 a.m. While fans like Kelly Ripa alongside Ryan Seacrest, for now, they can enjoy a series of other hosts keeping her place warm.