Kelly Ripa Says ‘Likeliness is Uncanny’ Between Son and Husband Mark Consuelos in New Headshot Snaps

by Megan Molseed

It’s almost as if the actor portraying the young Hiram Lodge on the hit CW series “Riverdale” are the same person! Well, while they’re not the same person, there is definitely a reason for their “uncanny” similar looks between Kelly Ripa’s son Michael and her husband, Mark.

Michael Consuelos, the son of Mark Consuelos and Kelly Ripa is portraying the young version of the Lodge Industries president on the popular “Riverdale” television series.

The role was practically made for him – or rather HE made for the role – since Michael Consuelos’s own father, Mark portrays the elder version of the on-screen multi-millionaire.

Kelly Ripa Can’t Help But Point Out ‘Uncanny’ Similarities

Of course, Ripa, the proud mother, and wife of the “Riverdale” actors had to point out the uncanny similarities alongside her recent plug for the new season of “Riverdale” which premiered this weekend.

“A Riverdale Returns Reminder,” the actress and morning talk show host said on her recent Instagram post.

“All new starting tonight on @thecwriverdale 8/7 central,” the star continued on the post which shared side-by-side headshots of the father and son. “One week until the return of young Hiram. The likeness is uncanny. #riverdale #hiramlodge.”

Maybe it was hanging out with his dad for 20 years that did it, but fans of the massively popular CW drama are pleased with the casting. Some made sure to note that the young actor nails the role of young Hiram, portraying the character to a tee.

Hiram Lodge, who is regularly portrayed by Mark Consuelos was introduced to Riverdale fans in the show’s first season. However, he didn’t become one of the hit show’s main characters until the second and third seasons of the show.

Hiram is the father to “Riverdale” star Veronica Lodge (Camila Mendes). He is a notorious and powerful businessman, often working with the mafia to deal drugs or commit other crimes of that nature.

When the series began, Hiram Lodge was in prison awaiting trial for embezzlement and fraud, thus his part-time character status. Since his release from prison, Hiram has purchased Pop’s Chock’lit Shoppe. The businessman has hired Pop Tate as manager of the business. Currently, Hiram’s wife, Hermione, has partnered with Hiram and company to help legitimize the Lodge Industry name.

A Whirlwind Romance and a Lifetime of Love

Mark Consuelos and Kelly Ripa met on the set of “All My Children” in 1995. The two hit it off almost immediately. In May of 1996, Kelly and Mark eloped in Las Vegas.

The couple has three children together. Their oldest, Michael was born in 1997. The couple’s only daughter, Lola was born in the summer of 2001. And the couple’s youngest son, Joaquin was born in 2003.