Kelly Stafford Fires Back at ‘Hater’ Over Matthew Stafford Hall of Fame Comments

by Chase Thomas

Matthew Stafford and the Los Angeles Rams are Super Bowl LVI champions. The Rams took down the Cincinnati Bengals Sunday night by a score of 23-20. It was the culmination of an unreal season for Stafford and the star-studded Rams. It was also, in a lot of ways, vindication for Stafford after toiling away in Detroit for over a decade. Naturally, after winning the Super Bowl, the discussion around the former UGA star QB turned to his case for the Hall of Fame. Another Super Bowl champion in his own right with the Seattle Seahawks, Richard Sherman, tweeted out his opinion on whether or not Stafford is a future Hall-Of-Famer. Well, Kelly Stafford fired back at the “hater” over his Matthew Stafford Hall of Fame comments.

Kelly took to her personal Instagram to respond to Sherman and the folks debating Stafford’s HOF candidacy.

Kelly’s point is well taken. Matthew Stafford just won the Super Bowl. He still has several more seasons of football left one should assume. Her point is that he just won the biggest game of his career and that now should be a time of just appreciating the moment.

Richard Sherman’s Comments on Stafford

For Sherman, his original tweet had to do with the state of the Hall of Fame is a whole. He singled out Matthew Stafford’s accomplishments to this point as a player, but his larger point that he said he would address more on his podcast is that the bar is being lowered as to who belongs in Canton. He does cite Matt Ryan, too, who has an NFL MVP award, something that Stafford does not have.

Ultimately, though, one can understand where both sides are coming from. Kelly defended her husband and Sherman wants to have a larger conversation about the criteria for getting into the Hall of Fame and Stafford is a big-time debate at the moment.

Matthew Stafford Wins Super Bowl LVI

Stafford orchestrated one final comeback for his Rams on Sunday night. With the game on the line, he found his favorite target all season in Cooper Kupp for the score. The Rams went up 23-20 and never relinquished the lead.

Stafford talked about Detroit fans after to the NFL Network saying, “Yeah, I really could. It was amazing,” He continued, “Like you said, there’s no reason for them to cheer for me anymore, and the fact that they did was just a true testament to who they are as people, and who they are as fans.”

Stafford spent the majority of his career playing for the Lions in Detroit. Even after the trade last summer, Lions fans supported Stafford in the Super Bowl and were happy for his success.