Kelsea Ballerini Shares Excitement for All-Women VerizonUp Concert Series, Working with Shania Twain

by Atlanta Northcutt

“Let’s go girls! Come on!”

Kelsea Ballerini feels like Christmas has come early for her.

The young country singer teamed up with an all-star female crew, including Shania Twain, and was finally able to play a show after being forced to cancel tour dates due to COVID-19.

The VerizonUp Virtual Concert

Thursday night, the VerizonUp concert series went virtual, and the stage was filled with girl power.

“I love that it’s an all-female lineup, but I also love how diverse it is,” says Ballerini.

Female artists from different genres joined Kelsea Ballerini for the virtual concert.

One of which is Halsey, who Ballerini performed with during this year’s CMT Awards.

“There’s so much representation from different genres, and it’s really cool to be a part of,” adds Ballerini about the VerizonUp concert. “I’ve got to collaborate with a couple of different females, with Halsey in a completely different genre, which was so much fun to just kind of put our superpowers and what we’re good at together and see what that created [on “The Other Girl”].

Man! Kelsea Ballerini Feels Like a Woman!

However, Ballerini was most excited about her collaboration with country superstar Shania Twain.

“Then recently, I got to collaborate with Shania Twain, who I grew up on, and then she added her superpowers to my song [“Hole in the Bottle” remix],” she says. “It’s so much stronger and powerful when two females work together and respect each other and lift each other up and do it through music.”

“I was doing a virtual meet-and-greet yesterday, and someone asked me, ‘Who is your dream collaboration that you’re looking forward to one day?’ And I was like, ‘This is not a cop-out, but it’s Shania,'” says Kelsea. “I can’t do better than that. That is the peak for me, just to have someone that genuinely blazed trails that has allowed me to do what I do as a female in country music.”

Girl Power in the Music Industry

Although Kelsea admits the music industry still doesn’t have enough female collaborations, she believes it’s improving. Ballerini points out noticing more females joining together to lift each other up, both on and off stage.

“That’s been really nice and just makes you feel like they have your back,” adds Ballerini.