Ken Jennings, ‘Jeopardy!’ Champ, Drops Hilarious Tweet about Aliens

by Will Shepard

The king of Jeopardy! has a way with words. On Saturday, February 27, Ken Jennings took to Twitter to offer up a brainbuster of a tweet.

Recently, NASA landed another rover on Mars. Consequently, the internet has been ablaze with pictures, memes, and thoughts about travel in space. So, Ken Jennings decided to pair his incredible knowledge of the English language with an alien life form.

He poses an almost existential question about being under pressure from an alien. The question from the former Jeopardy! guest host is simple enough, yet certainly makes the average person think harder than expected.

Ken Jennings Tweets a Hilarious Conundrum That He Can’t Answer

Ken Jennings is a legend for several reasons, primarily for winning the most money ever on Jeopardy! Now, though, he is asking for words that rhyme with “sponge.”

This hilarious tweet received many answers on Twitter, some with made-up answers, and others with real words. But, under the immense pressure of having a ray gun pointed at your head, it seems this is a tough question to answer.

According to Rhymezone, there are only twenty words that rhyme with “sponge.” But, of those twenty words, there are only four words that are exact rhymes with the word. Those four words are grunge, lunge, plunge, and expunge.

While this question likely won’t appear on any of the Jeopardy! board possibilities, it is an exceptional question. Ken Jennings further proves exactly why he is one of the most memorable game show guests.

After signing off of the game show for the last time as the interim host on Friday, February 19, Ken Jennings thanked the viewers. It was certainly weird seeing someone else host the show. Yet somehow, it was fitting that he was hosting the show. He graciously thanked the fans, while also giving his praise to Alex Trebek.

“That’s a wrap on my six weeks of Jeopardy! guest hosting. Thanks for watching, thanks for your patience with a tough learning curve, and, as always, thank you, Alex.”

And with that, Ken Jennings takes his talents to Twitter. He will now be putting people’s minds to the test by another method, incredible tweets.