Ken Jennings Pays Tribute to Alex Trebek in First Episode As Guest Host of ‘Jeopardy!’

by Jon D. B.

“Jeopardy!” champion Ken Jennings is paying tribute to the late, great Alex Trebek with his first airing episode as host of the beloved gameshow.

“Like all fans of ‘Jeopardy!’, I miss Alex – very much,” the interim host and friend to Trebek begins his first episode. “Jeopardy!” is now, for the very first time in over 8,000 episodes, beginning without their late, beloved host.

Today’s episode marks the beginning of “Jeopardy!” broadcasts without Alex Trebek. As Ken Jennings steps into his mentor’s shoes, he’s doing his best to honor the incredible legacy he left behind. He kicks off his first episode with the quote above, which has been made available by the show’s official Twitter account (you can view it below). From there, Jennings remembers Trebek by lauding how perfect he was at what he did “for more than 36 years.”

Moreover, Jennings cites Trebek’s charm, grace, and incredible intelligence. For him, he says, this makes Alex irreplaceable. Instead, he asks the audience to honor him “by playing the game he loved.”

As the show’s first interim host, Jennings will lead “Jeopardy!” throughout the month of January. In turn, he also wants fans to remember “there will only ever be one Alex Trebek,” regardless of his own hosting, or any that follows.

A permanent new host for the gameshow has yet to be announced.

Preview Ken Jennings’ First “Jeopardy!” Episode Without Alex Trebek

Catch a preview of Ken Jennings’ first episode courtesy of “Jeopardy!” in the meantime. And if you missed the show’s beautiful, touching tribute to the host, you can watch it below, as well.

Today, Jeopardy! is sharing their brilliantly poignant tribute to the life and work of Alex Trebek while hosting the show. Prepare the tissues – if you didn’t feel the hole in your heat before – you will now.

The sheer goodness that was – and always will be – Alex Trebek is on full display here, as the host dances, laughs, sings, and smiles his way through thirty-six years of game show history.

Simply the best, indeed. Thank you from us here at Outsider, too, for all you’ve given us.

An era ended with the passing of Alex Trebek. The beloved Jeopardy! host led “America’s Gameshow” for half his entire lifetime: from 1984 all the way up to just months ago in 2020. That same year, Trebek would announce he was battling pancreatic cancer. While initially optimistic, he tragically lost his battle with the disease at age 80 on November 8, 2020.

The clip above servedmas part of a full tribute to the host on his final episode of the show.

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