Ken Jennings Reveals Secret about Jeopardy! Host Alex Trebek

by Charles Craighill

In order to succeed on Jeopardy! you have to be quick on your feet… or in the case of Alex Trebek, quick off your feet. As the replacement host, Ken Jennings, revealed today on Twitter, the former host spent most of his time behind the podium on his feet throughout his career. However, in the late stages of his career, Jeopardy! placed a stool behind the podium to save his knees.

One exasperated fan asked the question we have all been asking. “Is there a stool behind the jeopardy podium so hosts can sit down??”

“Alex Trebek did the show standing up for a LONG time,” Ken Jennings revealed on Twitter today. “But there’s been a chair back there for the sake of his knees for about a decade.”

The next question that Jennings has not answered yet, is does he use the stool, or stick it out on his feet? It honestly doesn’t seem like too tall of a task for a young, spry gentleman like Ken Jennings. After all, Jeopardy episodes fit into that thirty-minute slot. On top of that, the commercial breaks offer some sweet relief for any weak knees. If Alex Trebek could do it into his late sixties, Jennings can do it at 46.

Other Alex Trebek Secrets

Since the death of Alex Trebek on November 8th of last year, Jeopardy! has revealed some interesting facts and secrets about the late host. For instance, when he was on set, Trebek had fifty different suits on deck to choose from. Talk about a wardrobe.

While that is the Alex Trebek you saw on television for years, he did not always dress like that. As the stylist for the show, Phil Wayne, said back in 2015, “He generally comes in jeans and a T-shirt, driving a pickup. It’s my job to transform him into the elegant host you see on TV every night.”

What speaks to the generosity and thoughtfulness of Alex Trebek, even more, is what happened to those suits. On February 9, Jeopardy! announced that they would donate a large portion of Trebek’s wardrobe to men trying to get back on their feet.

“Jeopardy! and Alex’s family have donated a large portion of our late host’s wardrobe to The Doe Fund,” Jeopardy! announced on Twitter last week. “[The Doe Fund is] an organization that provides paid work, housing, and training to underserved Americans with histories of addiction, homelessness, and incarceration.”