Ken Jennings Says He Had to Use Hilarious Alex Trebek Quip After Struggling with Contestant’s Interview

by Jon D. B.

Jennings calls the hilarious happenstance, which caused him to revert to mentor Alex Trebek‘s teachings, “BREAKING TV NEWS.”

So far so good for Ken Jennings, right? The astounding talent is missing the late Alex Trebek as we all are, but for his part has done an excellent job filling in as Jeopardy!’s interim host. While the show will never be the same, Jennings knows he’s not here to replace Trebek – but to carry on his legacy.

In the latest episode of the game show, Jennings did just that. Taking to Twitter today, he recounts a flub that brought a smile to his face – and Alex Trebek right back to the show.

“BREAKING TV NEWS,” he lampoons himself on the social media platform. “On today’s Jeopardy, for the first time, I get so stumped by a contestant’s interview story that I am forced to borrow a patented Alex “Good for you!”

What a gem. Longtime fans of the show will instantly recall the joy of seeing Alex Trebek respond to more perplexing contestants with his trademark retort. We did, after all, watch him wield it for near 40 years.

Jeopardy! Contestant Celebrates Alex Trebek Catchphrase with “Triple Crown”

Honoring the host’s catchphrase in their own way, Jeopardy!‘s Facebook page hit fans with a video perfect for this occasion back in 2019. That October, Steve Moles was the returning champion. As his interview for the episode below, Steve tells the late host he and his wife have their own way of celebrating this trademark phrase, as well.

“We play a game that we call the Triple Crown of Jeopardy, in honor of the horse racing,” Steve smiles to Trebek. “You have a habit of saying in the interviews ‘good for you’,” he laughs. The audience, at this point, bursts into laughter already – as all fans of Jeopardy! know of Trebek’s fun habit.

“If you say ‘good for you’ to all three contestants in a show – we celebrate The Triple Crown!” Steve smiles again.

In turn, Alex Trebek responds as only he could. With a pointed finger, a smile, and a half warm/half sarcastic “Good for you!”

Relive the moment below, and fall in love with Trebek all over again.

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