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Kenny G Says His Hair ‘Doesn’t Get Dirty’ So He Washes It Once Every Three Weeks

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo by Larry Marano/Getty Images)

He’s known for his smooth jazz saxophone playing skills, but another thing about Kenny G that most people notice is his signature long, curly hair. In a recent interview, he admitted he can go weeks without washing his locks. 

While chatting with Page Six at the premiere of his documentary Listening to Kenny G, the well-known saxophonist stated that his hair actually doesn’t get direct. “I’m a clean guy,” Kenny G stated. He also revealed that he washes his hair once every three weeks. 

The famous musician further revealed that he doesn’t use pricy products on his hair. “I don’t have any endorsements. So, I don’t gain anything by using them, other than they’re the right thing.”

In regards to what products he does use on his hair, Kenny G stated that he turns to Pantene shampoo and conditioner along with MOP defining cream. 

Kenny G Speaks Out About the Criticism He Has Experienced

Also during his interview with Page Six, Kenny G speaks out about the criticism he has experienced through the years. “I’ve also seen the reaction when I perform. I know how much I’ve practiced. So I’ve got 99 percent all great things telling me that, that what I’m doing is great. And that little tiny 1 percent, it doesn’t mean a lot to me.”

Kenny G also admitted the negative criticism hasn’t meant a lot to him since the 1980s. “It’s never really meant anything. It’s nothing I haven’t seen and I’ve already ignored it for almost 40 years.”

The iconic saxophonist then discussed how he has managed to avoid shady money greedy managers during his music career. “I never understood how people got screwed over. It’s like, just pay attention. It seems pretty easy. A plus B equals C… you should have about this much. And if you don’t, then there should be a problem.”

Kenny G’s Music Career Through The Years

Kenny G notably began his music career as a sideman for Barry White’s Love Unlimited Orchestra in 1973. He continued to play professionally while majoring in accounting at the University of Washington. He also played in the funk band Cold, Bold, and Together before becoming a member of The Jeff Lorber Fusion. He later left the group after claiming he outgrew them.

Kenny G has 17 studio albums. He also has a complication album. His most recent album, Brazilian Night, was released in 2015. The musician is claimed to be one of the best-selling artists of all time and has a global sales total of more than 74 million records.

Recently, Kenny G spoke to Entertainment Tonight Canada about his latest projects. “I mean, recently doing stuff with The Weeknd was amazing. I was really happy when I met him to find out that he really cares about his music the way I do mine.”