Kesha, Who Says She Had ‘Sexy Time’ With a Ghost, Is Getting Her Own Paranormal Show

by Matthew Memrick
(Photo by Frazer Harrison/FilmMagic)

Singer-Songwriter Kesha, who once alluded to a “sexy time” moment with a ghost, is getting her own paranormal show.

How about that. Now you’ve seen it all. Or, I guess, with this show, maybe you haven’t. Or never will.

The New York Post reports that The Discovery+ streaming service will have the Grammy-nominated star host a reality series. The star and other celebrity guests will explore “mind-blowing” haunted sites. The show will also feature experts in the paranormal.

The show, “Conjuring Kesha,” with have six one-hour-long episodes next year on the network.

Kesha’s TV Show Greenlit

Reportedly, the 34-year-old star drummed up interest for the series with her “Kesha and the Creepies” podcast. She started it last year, and it explores all things supernatural. Famous friends and otherworld skeptics appear audibly on the podcast. Soon, TV producers became fans and worked to create the upcoming show.

The singer grew up in the Nashville, Tenn.-area, with high school stops at Franklin and Brentwood. After that, the unique “Tik-Tok” star’s music career took off in 2005, and she continues to make music.

Kesha called the upcoming TV project a “creepy bucket list,” which caters to the paranormal enthusiast. The singer, who once claimed to have had a “sexy time” with a ghost, has called herself a spectrosexual person attracted to phantoms. 

She claimed her 2012 single “Supernatural” came from a real-life sexual encounter with an apparition. The singer said she didn’t know the ghost’s name but that he “was a ghost” and she was “very open to it.”

The record revolved around her experiences, weird topics, including hypnotism and “going into past lives.”

“Conjuring Kesha” An Invite

In more conversation about the upcoming show, Kesha talked about growing up and appreciating the “supernatural and spiritual realm.” 

She said her music was “a cosmic connection between my soul and something bigger than me that I couldn’t explain.”

She hopes the show will “explore life’s great mysteries and aim to catch something never before seen on camera” and give credit to the supernatural rather than building on its “myths and fables.”

Matthew Butler, a Travel Channel & Paranormal Streaming Content general manager, talked to Billboard magazine about the show. He spoke about the singer’s podcast show and her desire to find answers to the “unanswerable.”

Butler was “excited to partner with her to turn her love of all things unexplained into a new series” and see the star’s famous friends “in action.”

On Instagram, Kesha added: “I’m SO BEYOND excited!!!!!!! … i want to SEE things that i can’t explain, I’m looking at YOU, universe, to expand my brain and beliefs !!! … I’ll be embarking on a veryyy creepy and cosmic journey.”

Fans celebrated the announcement, hoping she would release more music after the show. One fan even asked her to come to her haunted house.