Kevin Costner’s Daughter Appeared in ‘Dances With Wolves’ and Made One Noticeable Mistake

by Jon D. B.

Just 6-years-old at the time, Kevin Costner‘s daughter has one big, adorable ‘Dances With Wolves’ mistake to her credit.

Much has been written about Kevin Costner’s major Oscar winner, “Dances With Wolves.” Color this author and fan surprised, however, to learn that his first daughter, Annie Costner, was actually in the film. While it’s well known that Costner’s wife at the time, Annie’s mother Cindy Silva, played an active role in making their film a reality, this lesser-known – and sometimes contested – fact comes with an adorable story.

Within, Annie plays Sioux tribe member Stands With A Fist (Christine Gunther) as a young girl. Only 6-years-old at the time, we see Costner’s daughter during her prominent dream sequence. During the dramatic spectacle, Stands With A Fist is running away from the Pawnee party responsible for murdering her entire family. And it is here where the 6-year-old Annie Costner makes one noticeable mistake. It is by no means an irritating one. Instead, it goes down in film history as a precious moment between father and daughter.

In the dream sequence, Annie runs as fast as she can away from those looking to take her life. While directing his daughter, Kevin Costner shouts for her to look over her “right shoulder.” Annie, however, didn’t know her left from her right during the turmoil – as most 6-year-olds would not.

As a result, Annie is seen looking over both her shoulders as Stands With A fist. We can only assume she did so to make sure her father, whom she remains close with, was pleased with her performance. What a gem.

Kevin Costner’s Daughter Still Works in Film

The father & daughter must have had a great time working together on ‘Dances With Wolves.‘ After the 1990 Oscar winner, Annie would feature in Costner’s 1995 big-budget catastrophe, ‘Waterworld,’ as an “Atoll Girl,” IMDb cites.

Annie Costner would then feature as “Ponytail” in her father’s ‘The Postman’ two years later. IMDb credits her for this film, however, as “Anne Costner.”

As an adult, Anne would go on to become a film and television producer. Currently, she is working on projects “Mother” and “Mother Wild” for Sound Off Films. She would also executive produce “The Discarded: A Tale of Two Rios ” for Sound Off Films. The documentary, spoken in Portuguese, surrounds Brazil’s economical and social crises.

Kevin Costner fans can also look for Anne Costner in the 90’s hit ‘The Babysitter’s Club.’ Within, she plays a character of the same name: Annie.