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‘Yellowstone’ Star Kevin Costner Goes After Donald Trump About USPS Situation

by Hunter Miller
(photo credit: NurPhoto / Contributor / Getty Images)

Kevin Costner is slamming President Donald Trump’s handling of the United States Postal Service controversy. The 65-year-old “Yellowstone” star addressed the issue during an appearance on “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” on Tuesday.

While speaking of the President’s potential meddling with the postal service, Costner said, “It’s terrible. It’s terrible. Nothing is surreal. Everything is highly real, and it’s dangerous. And it’s shameful. History will judge you.”

Costner then offered his thoughts on the upcoming election. “What you have to try to lean on is that every four years we get to decide whether we’re going in the right direction or we’re not,” Costner said. “And we now, because of the way the country is set up—which is beautiful—we have that opportunity.”

He continued by slamming anyone responsible for tampering with the election process. “And anyone who would interfere with that process in a deliberate way to have an outcome—that’s criminal,” he said. “And it spits on 200 years of freedom.”

The Oscar winner concluded by encouraging people to hit the polls while taking precautions. “So this is what you do: you wear your mask and you go vote,”  he said.

Kevin Costner Joins Other Celebrities Taking on Donald Trump in the USPS Situation

Kevin Costner is one of several celebrities offering their thoughts on President Donald Trump and the USPS situation. Most recently, “Cheers” actor John Ratzenberger, revealed an ad for the postal service. He encouraged Americans to do their “Christmas shopping” at the post office store. Learn more here.

In the quarter ending in March, the U.S. Postal Service reported a $4.5 billion loss. Many expect the declining revenues to cause a major impact on the 2020 presidential election. However, President Donald Trump blames the USPS issues on Democrats.

During a recent interview with Fox News’ John Roberts, the President mentioned that he would offer the $25 billion for the USPS, including $3.5 billion in election resources, if Democrats meet him in the middle on some of the Republicans’ demands.

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