Kevin Costner Looks Back on His ‘Tin Cup’ Days as the Masters Gets Underway: ‘Best Weekend of the Year’

by Joe Rutland
(Photo by Rodin Eckenroth/Getty Images)

You know Kevin Costner is all down with the Masters going on in Augusta right now especially since he starred in the movie “Tin Cup.” Well, our favorite ranch owner these days on Yellowstone shared a sweet picture from that movie. It actually is from a time during its filming. The photo below is one that comes from Costner’s own collection. What a time to turn back the clock while enjoying a Tiger Woods run at the Masters.

Kevin Costner Shares Flashback Photo From ‘Tip Cup’ Days As The Masters Comes Alive

You might want to see Roy McAvoy, Costner’s character in the 1996 film “Tin Cup,” show up in Amen Corner. Well, we don’t think that is going to happen. Costner appears to be enjoying just being a fan like the rest of us.

Still, that movie is one for the books. McAvoy does golf tricks for cash at the driving range. At night, he drinks with his friend Romeo, played by Cheech Marin. But Roy wants one more chance at the spotlight. Golf also is a sport that Costner himself does enjoy playing.

When It Comes To ‘Yellowstone,’ There’s Just One Part That Feels Like A Cliche

Let’s turn our attention, though, to some Yellowstone thoughts from him. Costner sat down with Express to talk about the show. He mentioned how some parts are “cliche” and made for television. Still, he just sees one part of his show that can be deemed that way.

“The only thing that is not realistic is how many people we murder,” Costner said. “That’s a function of heightened television and all that. But if you strip that part away that has to be there on a level of entertainment of how broad you can go, everything reduces itself down.”

There’s another part of the show that he talked about. It does involve his co-star Cole Hauser, who plays Rip Wheeler. Talk about a solid bond between two characters. Heck, even Costner talks about it here.

“I mean, the loyalty that Cole [Hauser’s] character shows mine, think about it,” Costner said. “When anyone changes the trajectory of your life as a young person, falling away without a family and suddenly coming into one and being treated roughly at first but with a nature of love, there’s no cliche about his loyalty. It’s not about cliche at all. That’s a thing he can’t escape and Cole brings that into every scene.” These two are just tight on the show and you can see when it call comes together. Rip is very loyal and no one better cross John Dutton, Costner’s character.