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Kevin Costner Movies on Netflix: Here’s Which Ones You Can Stream Now

by Taylor Cunningham
(Photo by Samuel de Roman/Getty Images for Netflix)

If you’re finding yourself craving more Kevin Costner during those week-long Yellowstone lulls, we promise there are plenty of Costner classics to pass the time, and a few of his best movies are on Netflix right now.

And while the pickings are slim, they’re certainly versatile. If you’re dedicated to the art of Netflix and chill, you can watch the Oscar winner show his talents in a historical drama, a Western, and a Rom-Com all in one day.

But before you get started, read our little guide below. Not only did we list all the Kevin Costner movies that are on or coming to Netflix, but we also gave a little back story about what makes them great.

Kevin Costner Movies Currently on Netflix

  • The Highwaymen (2019)
  • Silverado (1985)

Costner Movies Coming April 1st

  • Rumor Has It… (2005)

The Highwaymen

We all know the story of Bonnie and Clyde, the two depression-era bank robbers who went on a 21-month crime spree and killed 14 people, including 9 law enforcement officers. But what do we know about the officers who finally brought them down?

Up until The Highwaymen premiered, the answer was, “very little.” And what’s even worse is that the 1960s film about the duo actually misrepresented one of the officers, Frank Hammer, so much that his widow sued the creators to regain his reputation.

In the movie, Costner plays Officer Hammer. During an interview with ET, he said that the court case was one of the main reasons he took the role. And he made sure his retelling was more accurate.

The movie gets down to the nitty-gritty on just how Farmer and his partner Maney Gault finally outsmarted the famous outlaws. It also showcases the relationship between the officers as they work together to hunt them down. And the on-screen chemistry between the actors is cinematic gold.

The Highwaymen is worth a watch for the history lesson alone. But as an added perk, it also has an absolutely star-studded cast including Kathy Bates, Woody Harrelson, and John Carol Lynch.


Silverado is an old-school classic that put first put Kevin Costner in the genre that’s made him famous today, the Western.

The 1985 flick is based in the 19th-century wild frontier and follows four misfit travelers who find themselves in a town run by a dastardly sheriff and greedy rancher. The cowboys unintentionally become heroes as they fight to restore peace to the town. And while they do it, they showcase all the things that make Westerns great—wild shootouts, action-packed horse chases, and drunken saloons.

When Kevin Coster filmed the movie, he was a much younger and not quite as famous version of himself. But many say that his part of Jake was his breakout role.

And as the actor once told Cowboys and Indians, Silverado was one of his favorite projects to date.

“I was happy every day in my life out there,” he said. “I was doing exactly what I knew I was going to be doing after reading the script. So it was just a fabulous time. And it was a fabulous role for me. And I knew what it was going to do for my career.”

Silverado is also considered one of the most successful Westerns of all time. During its run in theaters, it brought in $33,200,000 at the Box Office, which makes it the 31st highest-grossing movie of its kind.

Rumor Has It…

This movie isn’t considered one of Kevin Costner’s best. But Rom-Com fans love it nonetheless.

The story follows Sarah Huttinger, a woman going through a midlife crisis who finds out that the book and movie The Graduate was written about her family. And after learning that her father may the real-life Benjamin Braddock, she sets out to learn the truth.

Kevin Costner ends up being the man in question. And after finding out that she’s in fact not his child, she realizes why her mother was so enamored with him.

Rumor Has It… is predictable and a bit cheesy. But it’s also chock full of romance and has one of those feel-good endings that makes it all worthwhile.