Kevin Costner Posts Glorious Throwback Photo: ‘Nothing Like Riding a Horse’

by Jon D. B.

What other throwback could possibly be as good as Kevin Costner riding a horse with a giant mustache and enough moxie to take on an army?

That stare goes straight through you, too, doesn’t it? Fans of Yellowstone are accustomed to watching Kevin Costner handle a horse. His latest Instagram photo, though, comes from a “job” many years before the hit show began. “Job”, however, seems an inept description for the iconic film this throwback shot comes from.

The name of that film? Dances With Wolves. Any Costner fan worth their salt – or cinema fan, in general – will have seen this timeless 1990 masterpiece. Within, Costner stars as John Dunbar, the renegade Civil War Lieutenant. After Dunbar is assigned to a remote western Civil War outpost, he befriends wolves and Native Americans, and the rest is history.

Reminiscing on this, Kevin Costner posts to his Modern West social accounts with the Wolves throwback. Within, we see John Dunbar (not to be confused with John Dutton) riding straight for the camera in one of the film’s many iconic shots. And who could forget that glorious 19th-century mustache featured in the first half of the story?

“There’s nothing like riding a horse,” Costner captions the post on Twitter and Instagram. “Completely liberating. I’m lucky that it’s sometimes part of the job for me.”

Kevin Costner Loves “Good” Westerns

Speaking on his penchant for horse riding roles, Costner opened up to Parade while filming Yellowstone Season 2. As for which half of John Dunbar Costner prefers? “I much rather wanted to be the Indian,” the actor reveals. “I felt the freedom, how they had to coexist with the land. Sign me up for that anytime.” Strong words from a man famous for playing so many cowboys!

Ask Kevin Costner if he considers John Dutton a cowboy, however, and he’ll be quick to correct. “Dutton is like a business CEO. He struggles because he can’t deal with the problems the way his great-great-grandfathers did,” Costner clarifies. Cowboys are blue-collar. But Dutton is certainly a man with wealth, dealing with “strategic white-collar attacks,” Costner continues. “Land grabs, the EPA, urbanization—these are modern issues. Yellowstone is a drama that exists properly in [its] era.”

Speaking further to the appeal of characters like Dunbar over Dutton, Costner adds that “the West was filled with people who could reinvent themselves. Men and women were fractured from the Civil War and a lot of people took their skills out to the West. Then someone looked up and saw there was no law, and they could do whatever they wanted. When the wrong personalities sensed that, the West was a very difficult place to negotiate.”

As for why he took Yellowstone, his first foray into regular television? “A good Western is really hard to make,” he adds. “Hard to write. When you make them, they stand the test of time. When a Western is sloppy, it sets them back. You need to find the shadings between a black hat and a white hat.”

In short: Yellowstone accomplishes this for a modern audience. “It’s the right thing that came along,” Costner says of the show.

And we’re thankful it did. Catch plenty more of Kevin Costner in Yellowstone Season 4 come 2021, courtesy of Paramount Network.

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