Kevin Costner Shares Rare Photos with Son Joe from ‘Full Circle Experience’ at Field of Dreams Game

by Thad Mitchell

“Yellowstone” leading man Kevin Costner is still buzzing about what Major League Baseball was able to pull off last with the “Field of Dreams.”

Much like in the movie of the same name, MLB’s “Field of Dreams” game featured two professional teams playing in a cornfield. Also as in the film, Kevin Costner was on hand for the big event, even recreating a few scenes from one of his best movies. Taking place in Dyersville, Iowa, it was the first-ever Major League baseball game played in the Hawkeye State. It is also the first professional baseball game to be played in a field full of 10-foot corn stalks. The game was so well received that Major League baseball is planning another “Field of Dreams” game for the 2022 season.

While the game was certainly special to Kevin Costner, the appearance of his son, Joe Costner, made it even more special. Like his famous father, Joe also knows his way around Hollywood as an actor and has starred in several films. Kevin Costner was certainly proud that Joe was able to join him for the “Field of Dreams” game. He took to social media on Tuesday to share a few photos of himself with his 33-year-old son. He says the experience was incredible and brought the “Field of Dreams” concept full circle.

Kevin Costner Enjoys a Catch With his Son Jow

“Last week the MLB gave me a chance to ‘have a catch’ with my son at the Field of Dreams,” he says in the post.

Kevin Costner then explains that his film is ultimately about repairing a father and son relationship through the love of a sport.

“Joe was just a baby when we made Field of Dreams — a movie ultimately about the relationship between a father and son,” he continues. “It felt completely full circle to share this incredible experience with him.”

Along with his moving words, Kevin Costner shares three photos of him and his son at the game. In the first photo, they pose nicely for a pic before hitting the field. The second shot shows father and son playing a game of catch on the Dyersville, Iowa, field. The third photo shows the sun slowly sinking in the distance as Kevin and Joe look on.

The post drew an emotional response from several social media users, who thank Kevin Costner for sharing the tender moment.

“This is such a sweet post,” a fan writes. “The game was awesome, too,”

The game drew millions of baseball fans and was highly entertaining. It featured eight total home runs, including a walk-off homer to give the Chicago White Sox the victory over the New York Yankees.

While millions may have watched the game, it might have been Kevin Costner who got the most away.