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Kevin Costner Releases Veterans Day Tribute Video of ‘The Angels Came Down’ Performance

by Will Shepard
(Photo by Albert L. Ortega/Getty Images)

Kevin Costner takes a moment out of his day to share his rock band’s 2008 song to the band’s Instagram. As an incredibly musically gifted individual, he sings this song to thank those who have served the country.

In this 7-minute long tribute video, Costner yet again shows off his incredible voice. More importantly, however, is the message he sends to veterans. Costner thanks those who serve from the bottom of his heart.

“Thinking about our Veterans today. This song, ‘#TheAngelsCameDown’ will always be important to me.” As Costner shares his song to the live audience, in the touching performance, he expresses his gratitude in the caption.

Costner and The Angels That Came Down

“In the forests and the fields so many men were killed; I can hear their cries still echo through these hills; That was a time when the angels came; Walking all alone in the Southern rain.” Costner’s powerful lyrics echo a little louder today, on Veterans Day.

Additionally, in the chorus, Costner further pays tribute to the Veterans who served and those who lost their lives.

“And the angels came down to the fallen men; And they held their hands as they prayed for them; They carried their souls beyond the moon and the sun; All the way to heaven one by one.”

Certainly a godly man, the “Yellowstone” star pays tribute to the men and women of the service. Additionally in his lyrics, he says that angels are looking down on those who serve, gave their lives, and who sacrificed everything.

As fitting of a tribute as seems possible, the Instagram post from the band is heart-wrenchingly powerful. Concluding his post, he adds that everyone who is able “[be] sure to thank the Veterans in your life today and every day.”