Kevin Costner Reveals First Look at New Series Celebrating Yellowstone’s 150th Anniversary

by Emily Morgan
Photo by: NBC / Contributor

When Kevin Costner is on screen as John Dutton in Paramount’s “Yellowstone,” he gives his all to preserve Montana’s natural beauty and wonder. Now, we’re learning that Costner is much like John Dutton even off-camera. The actor recently announced he would host a new series showcasing his love for Yellowstone National Park’s wildlife.

Taking a step back from his new gubernatorial duties on the show, the seasoned actor hosts a four-part series on America’s oldest national park, which acted as the inspiration for the Emmy-nominated show. The new series commemorates the park’s 150th anniversary.

The series, aptly named “Yellowstone: One Fifty,” will premiere on Sunday, November 20, on Fox Nation. The show offers viewers an inside look at the nation’s oldest national park. Costner will also explore the natural landscape and trace the park’s preservation timeline. 

“I’ve grown up with the word Yellowstone all my life,” Costner says, whose fictional Dutton family recently came back on the air for Season 5. “When I finally saw pictures of it when I was younger, I began to understand what was maybe so special about it.”

The series will follow the Dances With Wolves actor as he examines what makes the unrivaled scenery an “alien world” by following the steps of the 1871 Hayden expedition. 

This expedition helped document much of the area’s natural beauty and scientific treasures, leading to the park’s official creation as the first U.S. National Park in 1872. 

“I’m walking in the shadow of the pioneers, following the trail they blazed,” Costner said in the preview for the special.

Kevin Costner treks through heavy snowfall, frigid temps in new ‘Yellowstone’ miniseries

However, Costner’s journey is no walk in the park. During one part of the series, he makes the trek in 15 feet of snow and negative 40-degree temperatures, facing the harshness of the area’s winters. 

Then, as the seasons change from winter to spring, he watches the park’s animals return. He also watches the new season bring back flora and fauna. 

“To know that the river’s still flowing, these mountains still stand… I never tire of looking at them and the great open spaces appealed to me,” Costner said. “And mountains that look like they would be impossible to travel through, they never fail to take my breath away.” 

In addition, he looks into the connection humans have with the natural world, even going so far as to look back over 10,000 years. However, he seeks to understand how the park has maintained its wild beauty despite decades of human involvement. 

“The reality is that America’s so big and Yellowstone reminds you of what the country might have looked like before there was any outsiders that ever came,” Costner says.  The miniseries is available to stream on Sunday, November 20.