Kevin Costner Reveals One Scene in New Movie ‘Let Him Go’ Will Have Fans ‘Squirming’

by Madison Miller
Photo by: Randy Holmes via Getty Images

Besides being the star of one of the most popular cable television shows, “Yellowstone,” Kevin Costner has his hands full with other huge Hollywood rolls.

In “Yellowstone” Costner plays a powerful ranch owner. He is the patriarch of the Dutton family. Now, in his new movie “Let Him Go,” Costner is playing the role of a retired sheriff. He and his wife leave their ranch to go rescue their grandson who is with a dangerous family living off the grid in the Dakotas.

Kevin Costner Talks About His Ideal Role

It seems like Costner can’t escape the Montana lifestyle even in his new work.

In an interview with Extra, Costner talks about the kind of work that he gravitates toward. He said that a script has to have elements that he thinks will appeal to a male audience.

“When I make a movie I think ‘Are men going to relate to this.’ When I read ‘Let Him Go’ I thought this is a movie about dread. There’s a lot of guys that are going to start squirming on the couch as they watch this,” Costner said.

However, Costner’s career has garnered fans from a wide array of people. He thinks that Margaret Blackledge, who plays Diane Lane, has a character that is so driven and powerful, many people will relate to her.

“There’s nothing more powerful than a woman when they think they’re morally and ethically right and Diane is,” Costner said.

For Costner his roles in movies like “Molly’s Game” or “Man of Steel” or even “3 Days to Kill” all prove his ability to be remarkably powerful when he’s sad and an ability to overcome hardship.

‘Let Him Go’ Popularity

“Let Him Go” was released on Nov. 6. The film was directed by Thomas Bezucha and currently has an 81% on Rotten Tomatoes.

The role for Kevin Costner is a bit different than the kind of drama-type appearances he usually has. This film is a western-gothic crime thriller that takes place in the North. However, this throwback film has been widely appealing to audiences since its release.

The movie is similar to Clint Eastwood’s style in that it has a lot of the elements of a traditional Western drama. From setting to spare storytelling to strong performances. However, this movie also has a great deal of hard-hitting violence.

While audience reviews are solid, critics are giving the movie mixed reviews. However, many are saying that the slow build and character portrayal makes the film worth the watch.

“But the patient, somber direction gives the characters — and the actors playing them — room to breathe. It lets them do the things they’re best at: Costner gets to be the sad dad. Diane Lane gets to be passionate. And Lesley Manville gets to eat up the screen. For all its surface simplicity, Let Him Go is a surprising emotional roller coaster, and it stays with you,” according to a Vulture review.