Kevin Costner Reveals the One Thing He Wants for Christmas

by Thad Mitchell
(Photo by Rodin Eckenroth/Getty Images)

Actor and musician Kevin Costner knows what he wants for Christmas this year and it is not what you would expect.

Joining Billy Bush on a recent edition of Extra, Costner reveals what gift he covets from Santa Claus as Christmas approaches. Costner was on Extra with Bush to promote his new movie, titled “Let Him Go.” After a fairly standard interview, Bush finally drops the big questions and asks Costner to tap into his inner child.

“What is one thing on your Christmas list?” Bush excitedly asks the actor. “What do you want for Christmas? Come on — tap into the little boy.”

The 65-year-old television and movie actor did not hesitate to tell Bush the one item on his Christmas list he wants most. Not many would guess the answer to that question is a brand new surfboard, but it is Costner’s holiday wish.

Kevin Costner Eyeing Surf Board for Christmas

“There is a surf board that I kind of have my eye on,” he says. “I keep seeing like the white T-bird in American Graffiti. When I see it, I get my wife and I say ‘come here and take a look at this.’ I got the binoculars and had her put them on because we live right on the ocean.”

Costner also says he is dropping hints for his wife, Christine Baumgartner, about his desire for the surf board. He says she often ask him why he is making her look at the board. Costner hopes she will pick up on the clues.

“I probably beat it to death,” he says jokingly. “So it’s one of two things. Either she has caught on or I am going to have to go get it.”

“Let Him Go” is now in theaters and reunites Kevin Costner and Diane Lane as a couple dealing with the loss of their son and the drama that ensues. The movie has received mostly positive reviews.