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Kevin Costner ‘Turns Every Movie He Does Into a Western’ Says ‘Wyatt Earp’ Co-Star Martin Kove

by Madison Miller
"Yellowstone" premieres Wednesday, June 20 on Paramount Network. Kevin Costner stars as John Dutton.

Kevin Costner has become synonymous with the world of Westerns. From movies like “Dances with Wolves” to “Open Range” to “Silverado” to “The Highwaymen,” Costner stars in movies with the central themes present in classic Westerns.

One of these movies was the 1994 film “Wyatt Earp.” Costner starred alongside Dennis Quaid, Gene Hackman, and Martin Kove for this heroic Western film.

What did Martin Kove have to say about working with Costner on the film?

Martin Kove Talks Kevin Costner and Westerns

Kevin Costner definitely doesn’t only do Westerns, but Love feels like the majority of his films end up leaning in that direction. Even his recent projects like “Yellowstone” and “Let Him Go” all reflect his affiliation with the genre.

However, other projects like “Field of Dreams” and “Message in a Bottle” don’t necessarily reflect these violent and heroic roles of a Western.

His co-star Martin Kove talked encouragingly on Costner’s additions and overall influence on the genre.

“I would stop by the studio and chat with him about Westerns, and he was a great guy, and he just loves Westerns. He turns every movie he does into a Western. Whether it’s ‘The Postman’ or ‘Waterworld,’ it all becomes a Western one way or another,” Kove said about Kevin Costner in an interview with A Word on Westerns.

“Wyatt Earp” was originally going to be a two to three-hour cable television project under Dan Gordon. However, it ended up being a feature film instead. Kove said he didn’t want the role he got in the movie. Instead, he wanted to play Michael Madsen’s character.

Martin Kove plays a very small role as Ed Ross in the film. It’s considered a short, yet “pivotal” moment when he encounters Costner’s character. He gets knocked out by a pool cue and Earp takes his gun. While on set, Kove would chat with Costner about Westerns and walk around filming on his camcorder.

Why Does Costner Make so Many Westerns?

Costner is often credited for helping to revitalize the Western genre that has survived over time in many forms. So, why does Kevin Costner still make and feel so passionately about them?

“A good Western is really hard to make. Hard to write. When you make them, they stand the test of time. When a Western is sloppy, it sets them back. You need to find the shadings between a black hat and a white hat,” Costner said, according to Parade.

Costner has said before he also loves to film in the outdoors and Westerns allow him to do this. Kevin Costner also believes that Westerns still appeal to people because of their messages related to freedom and justice.

“Maybe we want to vicariously live through the days where we’d like to arbitrate our own problems instead of like when you feel offended you have to call a lawyer … Without people knowing it, they tie in a little bit to that taking a level of justice or what they perceive as justice and enjoying that idea,” Costner said to Gold Derby.

You can take Kevin Costner out of Westerns, but you can’t Westerns from Kevin Costner.