Kevin Costner, Whitney Houston Classic ‘The Bodyguard’ Is Getting a Remake

by Suzanne Halliburton

Fans of the classic The Bodyguard – this is either good news or bad. The movie is getting a remake.

Check that, the movie is being reimagined. Variety reported Wednesday that Matthew López, who earned a Tony nomination for writing, will recreate The Bodyguard. Warner Brothers is the studio behind the reimagining.

But is it possible for a remake to be as good as the original?

The Bodyguard was released on Nov. 25, 1992. And it was dominant against other movies with a holiday release. Kevin Costner played the no-nonsense Secret Service officer turned bodyguard. He’d been hired to protect Whitney Houston, who played a pop star, from a stalker. The movie generated $411 million at the box office. The only movie that earned more that year was Aladdin.

Lawrence Kasden wrote The Bodyguard in the mid-1970s. Warner Brothers bought the script with the idea of Steve McQueen and Diana Ross in the leading roles. Then the studio thought about Ryan O’Neal as Frank. This was all before Kasden became part of the writing team for the first three Star Wars movies. He’ll be part of the reimagining, serving as the movie’s producer.

‘The Bodyguard’ Producers Didn’t Announce Any Cast Members for Remake

No cast members were announced Wednesday. There is speculation that maybe Chris Hemsworth would play Costner’s role of Frank Farmer. Tessa Thompson would portray Houston’s Rachel Barron. Or, there is chatter that Channing Tatum would be Frank and rapper Cardi B would portray Rachel.

The Bodyguard soundtrack also will be a big deal. After all, it’s still the top-selling soundtrack of all time. And the album ranks 15th overall, with more than 18 million certified units sold. The top-selling song was Houston’s cover of Dolly Parton’s I Will Always Love You. Earlier this year, Houston’s music video of the song cross the 1 billon threshold on YouTube. It was the first song released by a solo artist in the 1990s to hit 1 billion.

Parton talked about the song earlier this year. She loved Houston’s version.

“With Whitney, when I first heard her sing it,” Parton said. “I was so overwhelmed, so emotional about how she did it. But also the fact, it was my song. So I feel it from different places.

“The fact it was my song and what I was feeling with me, then how well done, my little song could be all that. It humbles you really. So yes, it really has a big effect on you.”

Two of The Bodyguard singles were nominated for an Academy Award for best original song. They were I Have Nothing and Run to You. But Aladdin’s A Whole New World won the Oscar.

For Costner, The Bodyguard proved to be one of his most successful films ever. The only two to beat it were Man of Steel and Dances with Wolves.

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