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Kevin Costner’s ‘Won’t Stop Loving You’: Story Behind the Song Featured on His ‘Tales from Yellowstone’ Album

by Katie Maloney
Photo Credit: Yellowstone Gallery, Paramount Network Press Center, Viacom

Yellowstone star Kevin Costner opens up about his own life experiences that inspired the songs from his album, Tales From Yellowstone.

There’s a reason Yellowstone is such a popular show. Its themes of love, lost love, inner conflict, family pain, and more are universal. Almost anyone can watch the show and connect with at least one character or theme. So, it’s no surprise that Kevin Coster’s album inspired by the show is equally moving. Each song from Tales From Yellowstone elaborates on the experiences of both the show and the characters. However, the songs are also connected to Costner’s own life. During an interview, Kevin Costner opened up about how his own experiences helped inspire him to record the song, “Won’t Stop Loving You.”

“It’s a song that really ties into the character John Dutton and the loss of his wife. And it really begins to sum up how he really feels,” said Costner. “He’s a man going forward. But you never forget that love is immovable, it’s not going anywhere. And ‘Won’t Stop Loving You’ deals with that.”

During the song, Costner sings, “Your memory surrounds me. It’s the only mountain I can’t move. Because my heart won’t, oh my heart won’t, oh my heart just won’t stop loving you.”

Kevin Costner’s “Won’t Stop Loving You.”

Kevin Costner’s Wife Inspired Him to Record ‘Won’t Stop Loving You’

John Dutton isn’t the only man who has experienced love on a deep level. Kevin Costner has his own relationships to pull from for inspiration. During the same interview, Costner said that, especially over the past year, he has understood what it means to appreciate the people in his life. And that love helped him move through the times when he felt stuck while writing ‘Won’t Stop Loving You.”

“There were multiple writers on the song. But there were a couple of times when I felt stuck. And felt the song wasn’t complete. I didn’t have to look any further than my own wife to kind of find what was the strength of it for me,” said Costner. “So, we live in a time right now where people are losing people, and while the song deals with what Yellowstone is about, it might speak to you out loud about somebody you’ll never forget.”

Kevin Also Recorded a Song for His Onscreen Daughter, Beth Dutton

John Dutton isn’t the only character who gets a song on the album. Kevin Costner also recorded a song inspired by his onscreen daughter, Beth Dutton. The song, “Better Let Somebody Love You,” was inspired by her refusal to open up to anyone.

During the song, Costner and John Coinman sing, “Almost had a heart attack in a head-on collision. Hundred miles an hour in the wrong direction. All that broken glass there on the bedroom floor. Bottles in the bathroom you don’t need anymore. Better let somebody love you before it’s too late. Better let somebody love you.”

During an interview, Coster talked about the inspiration behind the song.

“‘Better Let Somebody Love You’ is his [John Dutton] hope for man-eater Beth,” said Costner.

Kevin Costner also shared how it’s almost impossible not to be inspired while on the set of Yellowstone.

“That music all has to do with either characters or how I was feeling while I was there. My trailer is right on the property,” said Costner. “To look at the same mountains that Lewis and Clark came down—that’s never lost on me. There are times when it’s so hot, the pine needles are bouncing on the ground. When the wind blows, there’s that smell. It never leaves you.”

Kevin Costner and John Coinman sing “Better Let Somebody Love You.”