Kevin Costner’s Colorado Ranch is Every Yellowstone Fan’s Dream: Here’s How To Rent It

by Will Shepard

Kevin Costner is the king of beautiful scenery. Whether it’s with his show, Yellowstone, or with his lifestyle, he knows how to find unmatchable places in nature.

More importantly, Kevin Costner owns a gorgeous house in Aspen, Colorado. The house is stunning, and the scenery around it is almost unbeatable.

Costner’s house is located in serene seclusion, yet only minutes away from downtown Aspen. Moreover, the property is one hundred and sixty acres. For the first time, anyone who can rent the house can do so at their will.

Kevin Costner’s Amazing Ranch House in the Woods

The house stands by itself, with the immaculate landscape surrounding the ranch. Also, there are breathtaking views of the Continental Divide and three exquisite homes on the property. All these things make this compound the ultimate luxury retreat.

There are caretakers on-site, and the house comfortably sleeps 27 people. Costner’s house also has a baseball field, sledding hill, and water features throughout the property.

Additionally, the house has 3 hot tubs with exquisite views of the pass. Not only is there all day sunlight throughout the house, but it also has the ultimate privacy. All of these things essentially make it the perfect venue for Aspen events.

Costner’s humble abode has 12 beds, 8 baths, and a massive 5,800 square feet. However, if you want to rent the house, you have to stay for a certain number of nights. The minimum number of nights is seven. But, if you can afford it, the daily rate is $36,000.

This is certainly the house that most people who love the outdoors dream about owning. But sadly, most people aren’t able to own something quite this extravagant. So, if you can afford it, Costner’s place is unbelievable.

Not only does the house perfectly embody who Costner is, but also everything about Yellowstone. This house almost perfectly resembles what his character in Yellowstone stands for. The house is certainly expensive, but its seclusion makes it seemingly a perfect fit as one of the houses in the show.