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Kevin Sorbo Asks Twitter ‘Who Voted for Trump’ on Election Day, Gets Insane Amount of Replies

by Atlanta Northcutt
(Photo by John Shearer/WireImage)

Kevin Sorbo, the actor who portrayed the role of Hercules throughout the 1990’s, isn’t fighting mythological monsters. Instead, he is fighting for the Trump cause.

As Sorbo tweets support for the reelection of President Donald Trump, conservatives rally around the actor, and the replies to the Tweet are similar to statements heard at Trump rallies.

Hercules defends Trump

Sorbo steps into the election day gauntlet, and is armed with his Twitter app and pro-Trump beliefs, asking Twitter users if they are voting for Trump.

Replies to ‘Who voted for Trump!’

However, many of his followers praised his tweet for using his platform to endorse voting for Trump.

Sorbo shows a bigly amount of support

Trump will be winning “bigly”, says one Twitter user’s reply. Trump tosses around the word “bigly”, leaving many people unsure if it’s an actual word, but the term is now a part of Trump and his supporters’ main vocabulary.

Lexicographer Kory Stamper, who writes and edits dictionary definitions for Merriam-Webster, wants it known bigly is a real word — even if it’s not the word Trump is meaning to use.

“The whole thing is pretty funny,” Stamper says. “I mean, whether he means big league or bigly doesn’t really matter — he’s not using an established use of either of those words in either case.”

More responses from Sorbo’s Tweet

As a result, Twitter users are enthusiastically replying to Kevin Sorbo in a bigly manner.

One tweet states, “I did my patriotic duty to vote for America & against communism (Or socialism as the left likes for making it sound better).”


“Hercules”, a staunch conservative, is showing such bigly support for Trump, the president even posted a previous tweet by Sorbo. However, Trump later removed the retweet from his page.

‘Hercules! Hercules!’


Eddie Murphy’s famous quote in The Nutty Professor best explains the positive chants coming from supporters of both Sabo and Trump.