Kevin Sorbo Slammed for Hunter Biden Addiction Comments

by Matthew Wilson

Actor Kevin Sorbo is facing backlash after comments he made online about Hunter Biden. The actor made fun of Biden’s drug addiction.

The actor is known for his role on “Hercules: The Legendary Journeys” and for his Christian dramas. Sorbo is also a motivational speaker in his spare time. But recently, the actor came after President Joe Biden’s son on Twitter. Sorbo mentioned Hunter’s laptop and made fun of Hunter’s past drug addiction.

The laptop and Hunter Biden became a source of contention during the 2020 election. Former President Donald Trump claimed Hunter and his father had been in collusion with Russia. Evidence was reportedly on a missing laptop. Biden has also recently opened up about his drug addiction, which is the subject of a memoir “Beautiful Things.”

On Twitter, Sorbo wrote, “Tell Hunter Biden he forgot to pick up his lap pipe. I mean crack top. I mean, I… you know the thing.”

Kevin Sorbo Faces Backlash

The actor, known for his outspoken conservative values, became a subject of controversy for his comment. Several users came to Biden’s defense and responded to Sorbo’s message including a reporter who interviewed him. Reporter Leslie Streeter revealed she met with Sorbo a few years ago and found the tweet didn’t agree with Sorbo’s values.

On Twitter, Streeter wrote, “I interviewed you in Palm Beach years ago and found you charming, and enjoyed your public defense of your Christian faith. Mocking an addict for clicks is inconsistent with who you said you were.”

Meanwhile, several famous critics called Sorbo out including chef Andrew Zimmern and actor Patricia Arquette.

Zimmern wrote, “Don’t be an a– to someone with a disease. It’s called addiction. Would you say same about someone with a broken arm about an X-ray or a cast? You’re not funny and millions of those struggling with addiction and mental health issues, and their families, aren’t laughing.”

Meanwhile, Arquette wrote, “Oh honey I have heard a lot of gossip about drugs and the recently DC departed.”

Several users called out Sorbo for his Christian beliefs. These users said Sorbo’s mockery of addiction conflicts with his religious creed of acceptance and forgiveness. They viewed such comments as hypocritical of the actor.

Since his remarks, Sorbo has also followed up, writing, “Remember how before the internet people used to think the cause of stupidity was lack of access to information? Yea it wasn’t that.”