Kid Rock Asks Fans to Join Him for Virtual 50th Birthday Celebrations

by Madison Miller

Kid Rock is throwing himself a 50th birthday party and he wants everyone to come.

In a tweet, the artist said, “Put on your best birthday suit! (Hillbilly, Rock & Roll, or Hip Hop suggested attire) I’d love to celebrate my 50th birthday online with ya’ll crazy Mofo’s. Get on the guest list here for free.”

Fans can go to his website to join the free guest list. The show will be on Jan. 17 at 7 p.m. CST.

Scott Isbell, a pop and soul artist, replied to his tweet with, “Happy birthday brother. How do i get on the list?”

Kid Rock is now joining the ranks of countless other musicians, actors, and other public figures who have embraced virtual meet and greets or live performances.

Kid Rock is a singer, rapper, songwriter, and record producer who is known for his music being a mosh pit of rock, hip hop, country, and heavy metal. The “Picture” and “All Summer Long” singer has been most successful in appealing to country and rock audiences.

Kid Rock Releases ‘Quarantine’

During quarantine, Kid Rock has been adventuring with yet another sound to add to his wide resume. On March 2, 2020, he released his single “Quarantine.” This is his first song under his new name “DJ Bobby Shazam” in a bit. The song is an old-school sounding hip hop infusion. He announced that the proceeds would go to fighting COVID-19.

The new song is about staying indoors and keeping a distance. It’s also urging people to still find ways to have fun in all the crazy stressful times.

“We gotta help each other, love one another, and everything in between/ so don’t sweat it y’all, just have a ball and let me see you quarantine.”

As for his alter ego, DJ Bobby Shazam came to be in 2012 with the release of “Rebel Soul.”

“Oh, man, Bobby. He probably came from having too many adult beverages and trying to come up with something fun and different to do musically. He’s just this psychotic rock and roller. Like, I picture his dad being a roadie for REO Speedwagon, and his mom was a high-priced call girl somewhere, and he’s just out of his mind. So we named him Bobby Shazam,” he said to MTV at the time.

The alter ego is a callback to his old hard-partying days. During a time of dread and anxiety for a lot of people, he probably felt it was the best time for the alter ego to emerge again.

Announces Small Businesses Donation

Kid Rock recently announced, according to WXYZ, that he would be donating $100,000 to support small businesses during the pandemic. He has a net worth of about $150 million.

The fund was launched by Barstool Sports. Many businesses in metro Detroit have already received funds. Within the first 10 days, the fund raised $17 million, helping over 50 businesses.