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Kid Rock Doubles Down on Pitch for In N’ Out to Relocate in the South

by Amy Myers
(Photo by Kevin Mazur/WireImage)

Kid Rock isn’t giving up on his dream of an In N’ Out restaurant that’s closer to home. Recently, the country star tagged the fast-food chain on Twitter, asking them to drop a new location in Tennessee. The request followed news of California officials forcing one location to temporarily close because the management would not obligate employees to show proof of COVID-19 vaccinations.

Kid Rock took the opportunity to advertise his home state for relocation. And now, he’s back at it again. This time, he included a link to a pamphlet, “Why Nashville,” which detailed all of the endless benefits of starting a business there. (Did we mention Outsiders headquarters are close by, too?)

He also added, “As a home owner in both TN and Fl, either is selfishly a win for me!”

Along with his Nashville condo, Kid Rock also owns an ocean-front home in Jupiter Inlet Colony, Florida.

Previously, in response to Fox News‘s coverage on the restaurant’s closing, Kid Rock sent a more pointed message to both In N’ Out and California politicians.

“Hey In-N-Out.com Come to Tennessee!!! Screw those left wing idiot politicians in San francisco. We like good hamburgers, we don’t do mandates and we love God. Go where you’re celebrated, not tolerated. -Kid Rock,” the rockstar wrote.

Kid Rock’s Plea for In N’ Out Sparks Debate Among Fans

If we’re casting votes for where In N’ Out should place their next location, you know which state us Outsiders will write on the ballot. However, other fans were just as adamant about adding the burger joint to the sunshine state in response to Kid Rock’s recent comments. In fact, the discussion is becoming so popular that both Florida and Tennessee officials have joined in on the debate.

Florida’s Chief Financial Officer & State Fire Marshal Jimmy Patronis was first to add his insight to the argument.

“Hey @KidRock! Florida would be a MUCH better place for @innoutburger Over 900 people move to FLA every day (growing customer base) and we have more quality beef production than TN. Florida. #BeatThatTN,” Patronis responded.

Soon after, Tennessee Governor Bill Lee fired back, stating, “As a Tennessee cattle rancher – we’ve got better beef, better boots & definitely a better Broadway. I’ll let you be the judge @innoutburger.”

One Kid Rock and In N’ Out fan shared his thoughts after living in both Tennessee and Florida.

“While I don’t always agree with @GovBillLee, having lived in both states, I can vouch that Tennessee is a complete no-brainer on this one. Like @innoutburger, TN operates with a simple menu and executes the hell out of it. Come on!” the fan tweeted.

Hopefully, In N’ Out will make the right decision and add a restaurant in the Volunteer State… but then again, we might be a bit biased.