Kid Rock Gives Emotional Tribute To Alto Reed After Legendary Saxophonist’s Death

by Suzanne Halliburton

Kid Rock is mourning the death of Alto Reed, the renowned saxophone player with Bob Seger’s Silver Bullet Band.

Reed was 72. He died Wednesday of colon cancer.

In a long post on Instagram, Kid Rock described Reed as his “musical party uncle.”

Kid Rock wrote: I was blessed to spend so many great times with Alto on and off the stage over the years. He was one of the finest musicians I have ever known. And I was such a fan of him and The Silver Bullet Band before I even got to know him nearly 20 years ago.

“He was not just a friend, he was more like my, with all due respect “musical party uncle!””

Kid Rock, Alto Reed Were Both Part of Detroit Music Scene

Both Kid Rock and Reed made distinct imprints in the thriving and diverse Detroit music scene.

Reed was an original member of the Silver Bullet Band. He joined Seger’s group in 1974. The group then was two years away from the release of “Live Bullet” an album that rocked the country. Reed played the mournful intro to “Turn the Page,” the album’s most successful song. He always was a flamboyant stage presence.

In a statement to the media, Seger said of Reed:

“I loved him like a brother. I may have been the leader, but he was our rock star. He was the audience favorite, hands down. He was bold and worldly. I learned so much from the guy. And he was a great ambassador to the fans. He took time for everybody, any picture, anywhere. I can’t say enough good things about him.”

Kid Rock, who also was known as Bobby Shazam, broke into the Detroit music scene in 1990 as a rapper and DJ. In his Instagram post, Kid Rock also touched on his other name with his tribute to Reed.

Kid Rock wrote: “My condolences to his family, friends, fans and band. I am sure gonna miss him and his over the top personality. God bless you Alto, I was so proud to be the #2 rock n roll Bob in your life.”