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Kid Rock Speaks Out About ‘Lots of Issues’ at Billy Bob’s Concert

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo by Scott Legato/Getty Images)

Following his shows at Billy Bob’s in Fort Worth, Texas, Kid Rock took to his Instagram account to speak out about his performances. In the post on Sunday (January 16th), Kid Rock declared, “For what it’s Fort Worth… Friday’s Billy Bob show was not one of my best, lots of issues, but no excuses – can’t win em all.”

However, Kid Rock declared the Saturday night show a success. “But Saturday’s was f—in’ FIRE!! Met so many great fans and folks hanging in the Stockyard. Thank you to all who came to rock with us.”

The singer went on to share that he was happy to see some friends from Detroit and ran into some old friends as well as “kiss the ring” of some new friends. He says they included 1883 star Sam Elliott and Donnell Rawlings. “Looking forward to a more positive 2022. God Bless.”

Kid Rock doesn’t have any concerts scheduled for a few months. He will be performing at Country Stampede in Topeka, Kansas July 14th through the 16th. Those performing at the event the rapper are Jake Owen, Locash, Drake White, Runaway Jane, and Ian Munsick. 

Kid Rock Previously Announced ‘Triple Album’ Plans

In January 2021, Kid Rock announced he actually had plans to retire while celebrating his 50th birthday. While chatting about celebrating the life milestone, the rapper told Detroit Free Press that he wished he and his crew were all rocking at Ford Field again, like his 40th birthday show in 2011. “That was such a special time. I can’t believe 10 freaking years have passed. 40 turned into 50 really fast.”

At the time of his interview, Kid Rock shared he was hoping to release a 50-song “triple album” sometime last year. The album would be made up of 10 hip-hop tracks, 10 country tracks, 10 tracks, and 20 previously unreleased recordings. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, the singer and songwriter had to push his major recording plans to some time in 2022. 

However, Kid Rock did release some songs at the end of 2021. His single Don’t Tell Me How to Live is a song about criticizing cancel culture. The chorus reads, “So what the f—s up with all the backlash? // You snowflakes, here’s a news flash! And, these minions and their agendas // Every opinion has a millennial offended // But this amendment one, it rings true // And if you don’t dissent, b—-, then see number two.”

Weeks after the release of Don’t Tell Me How to Live, Kid Rock unleashed another single, Ala-F****n-Bama. Which is dedicated to the state. Prior to the release of both singles, the rapper hadn’t released any new music since 2017.