Kid Rock Unleashes on People Bashing His New Single

by Samantha Whidden

Just a little over a month after releasing his new single Don’t Tell Me How to Live, Kid Rock is now firing back at those who have been criticizing the song. 

As previously reported, Kid Rock’s new track criticizes “cancel culture” and it’s obviously not a love song. Some of the lyrics are, “So what the f—s up with all the backlash? // You snowflakes, here’s a news flash! And, these minions and their agendas // Every opinion has a millennial offended // But this amendment one, it rings true // And if you don’t dissent, b—-, then see number two.”

However, while he’s proud of Don’t Tell Me How to Live, Kid Rock does not like the criticism towards the new track.  In a Facebook post, the singer and songwriter stated that the “pansy a— woke critics and trolls” are exactly what brought him to create the song. “Thank you for the inspiration! Keep shoveling coal on the first, you idiots! I f—ing love it!”

The singer then stated, “To the Kid Rock dysfunctional family, we already know there is NO tribe like ours in music, period. Stay tuned for more songs to be released soon, an album early next year, and god willing… a monster 2022 tour announcement!!!”

Kid Rock added,  “Remember ‘Sticks and Stones may break my bones….?’ Whatever happened to that sh–? Quit being so dam offended, toughen up and enjoy life!

Kid Rock also spoke on his Instagram account about the song’s popularity despite not really getting much attention. “No radio, no promotion, no nothing… except for all the stupid a— critics and media that keep taking the bait!”

Also in the post, Kid Rock thanked the fans for their support for the new song.

Kid Rock Releases New Single that Pays Tribute to Alabama

Along with Don’t Tell Me How to Live, Kid Rock recently released a new single dedicated to the state of Alabama, called Ala-F****n-Bama. “Here is a song I cut for my Bama peeps and those who like to rock in general!  Def some tailgate music for those who don’t mind a few F bombs!”

The new song features the following chorus. “I’m from Ala-f—bama. Ala-f—bama. Tell me, what’s it to ya? I’m from Ala-f—bama. A-bama.”

The singer again continues to state that he will release much more music of all different styles within the next year. “Roll Tide and Merry Christmas!”

Prior to the release of Don’t Tell Me How to Live and Ala-F****n-Bama, Kid Rock hadn’t released any new music since 2017. He also recently declared that he has 23 more new songs that are ready to go.