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Kid Rock’s New Single ‘We the People’ Has Twitter Sounding Off

by Clayton Edwards
(Photo by Joey Foley/WireImage)

Decades ago, Kid Rock was a rap-rock hitmaker dropping ear-catching tunes and eye-catching videos. Not everyone liked his sound, but he didn’t make many waves. These days, the Detroit native is a fairly divisive figure. He’s joined the ranks of conservative musicians like Ted Nugent and Jason Aldean in speaking out on his political beliefs.

Most of those musicians use their social media and other platforms to voice their politics. However, much like Eric Clapton, Kid Rock has chosen to put his stance on politics and the pandemic front-and-center in his music. His latest single, “We the People” which contains the stunningly creative chorus, “We the people / Let’s go Brandon” is causing quite a stir on Twitter.

However, most of the discourse on Twitter isn’t about the single. Instead, “We the People” reminded many people how much they disliked Rock and his music. As a result, the bulk of the tweets are just people taking shots at Rock for a variety of reasons.

To be fair, Kid Rock has a few supporters on Twitter. However, most of those are just stating that they’re pumped about his new song. Others, though, go a little further. For instance, Nick Adams, whose bio states that he is a best-selling author “endorsed by President Trump,” showed Rock some serious love. Adams said that the “Bawitdaba” singer is more talented than Neil Young, “and it’s not even close.”

Another fan praised the new single. He said that “We the People” is America’s new theme song.

Author Brigitte Gabriel predicts that “We the People” will be the number one song of 2022. Currently, Rock has not notched a song at the top of Billboard’s Hot 100. His best-performing single was “Picture” a duet with Sheryl Crow that peaked at number 4 in 2002.

Twitter Blasts Kid Rock’s New Single

It might come as a surprise that most of the criticism aimed at “We the People” isn’t politically motivated. Instead, many people are taking aim at Kid Rock’s songwriting. Rolling Stone Country pointed out a glaring inconsistency in the lyrics.

Rolling Stone isn’t the only ones to spot a hint of hypocrisy. Another Twitter user pointed out another glaring instance. They noted, “Kid Rock starts off his new song by reserving the right to yell a swear word, and then the chorus is literally a phrase people use to avoid saying that exact swear word.”

However, not everyone is taking to Twitter to blast Kid Rock. Instead, they’re using him as a foil to show the goodness in other artists. For instance, several people have used this opportunity to remind people just how cool Willie Nelson is. That’s something we can always get behind.