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Kim Kardashian West Calls for More Police Reform

by Chris Haney
Photo by Mehdi Taamallah/NurPhoto via Getty Images

Kim Kardashian West has called for further police reforms in the wake of ongoing Black Lives Matter protests. She used her extensive social media platform early Monday to advocate for police reform in a series of posts on Twitter.

Kardashian, a law student in California, has been posting in recent days about legislative bills that will be voted on soon. The celebrity posted in hopes of grabbing the attention of her more than 66 million Twitter followers. Additionally, she’s trying to convince California residents to vote “#YesOnSB731” on their ballots.

Furthermore, on Saturday, Kardashian retweeted a post from the Grassroots Law Project that said, “The Police Decertification Bill would establish a process to decertify abusive and racist cops (and) end qualified immunity in CA.”

Kim Kardashian and Her Fight For Justice

Kardashian is taking a rare path to becoming a lawyer. Instead of going to law school, she is doing a four-year law apprenticeship. Lawyers Erin Haney and Jessica Jackson are overseeing her apprenticeship. Kardashian took to Instagram to explain her newfound career choice.

“Last year I registered with the California State Bar to study law,” Kardashian said. “For the next 4 years, a minimum of 18 hours a week is required, I will take written and multiple choice tests monthly. As my first year is almost coming to an end I am preparing for the baby bar, a mini version of the bar, which is required when studying law this way.” 


Kardashian’s criminal justice work includes famously fighting for a presidential pardon for Alice Johnson. Even though Johnson was a first-time nonviolent drug offender, she was still sentenced to life in prison without parole.

President Trump commuted the 63-year-old’s sentence in June 2018 after she served more than two decades behind bars. Indeed many credit Kardashian for bringing attention to Johnson’s case which led to her release.

“My journey of working with Alice Johnson really did set something off inside of me that I just couldn’t really look away,” Kardashian said regarding her criminal justice reform involvement. “I just realized there’s so many more Alices out there that needed the help, and I couldn’t just sit back and not do something.”

“I just realized how many things were wrong with this system,” Kardashian continued. “So many different areas really needed my help. So I just started to get into other projects. As it would go on, people would introduce me to more people and different situations. I just couldn’t really sit back.”

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