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Kirstie Alley Emphasizes Eagerness for the 2020 Presidential Election To Be Over

by Josh Lanier
(Photo by Steve Granitz/WireImage/Getty Images)

Kirstie Alley is ready for this election to be over. The “Cheers” star sent out a pair of tweets expressing her support for President Donald Trump and her desire to see an end to this divisive political season.

“RAISE your hand if you will be glad when the election is over. Not because of the outcome. Just because we can focus on other BS,” she tweeted on Monday. The election is Nov. 3.

She continued to stump for Trump on her Twitter page, however. Moreover, she called out the media for making it seem as if Joe Biden had already won.

Kirstie Alley said she’s taken a lot of complaints from her followers after she tweeted support for the president’s re-election campaign. She said she’s lost a lot of fans since announcing her support of Trump. “Thousands” of them, she claimed, when a follower asked about the backlash from her endorsement.

Though, not everyone saw that as a bad thing. Megyn Kelly, the former Fox News and NBC News correspondent, tweeted support for Alley. Furthermore, Kelly said losing followers over politics isn’t a bad thing.

“Also, consider whether losing this person is actually a bad thing,” Kelly tweeted. “If someone de-friends you bc of your politics, was this really a person worth having in your life? My friends are Ds, Rs and Is & the ones for whom politics is a deal-breaker quickly & happily get weeded out.”

Fans Join Kirstie Allie In Excitement Over End of Election

Following Alley’s tweet about being ready to see the divisive politics of 2020 come to an end, followers from both sides of the political aisle agreed with her.


Even people from other countries said they are also ready for this year’s election to end.