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Kirstie Alley Explains Actions on Social Media, Says She Only ‘Challenges’ for ‘Sport’

by Jon D. B.
(Photo by Steve Granitz/WireImage,)

One of Twitter’s most controversial figures, Kirstie Alley, took the time today to explain why & when she decides to “challenge” others on social media.

What a change of pace! Sort of.

Posting to Twitter today, outspoken actress Kirstie Alley explains to her followers why she is the way she is. In a calm fashion, Alley notes that she will “make comments,” but “rarely challenges.”

That is, however, “unless I find it good sport for that day,” she adds.

Accompanying her tweet is a humorous tennis gif depicting two athletes racketing back and forth. Any who follow Alley will immediately get the reference – and poignance – of said gif.

Kirstie Alley Says Her Actions Are For “Sport”

The question is, does this make her outspoken “challenges” more – or less – pointed? While Twitter is made for voicing opinions, Alley is louder than most when it comes to lampooning others on social media. Her followers, in turn, seem to be just as intense – and vitriolic.

The outspoken actress, however, may be done with all other social media platforms for good. In a recent storm of tweets, Alley says she’s ready to leave social giants like Facebook & Twitter for Parler. The social site is relatively new, and claims to be “unbiased and focused on user experience.”

Fellow supporters of President Donald Trump wish to take to the platform, as well. In response to a Tweet in kind, Alley says she is ready for a change.

“OMG..I just want a place where I can talk and get things done,” she starts off. “I want to speak about issues, see where people need help, see what’s going on their communities. See where I can be of service stuff like that you know..the good stuff.”

Following this Tweet, she reaches out to “all you Democrats independents too,” and sends them love. “I’m hoping Twitter can get back to mostly chitchatting like the good all days,” she adds. “I’ll take responsibility for it getting away from that. One reason I joined parlor is to discuss politics In a manner more conducive of sharing ideas.”

Her tweet today comes after Alley reveals her favorite things about America.

“One of my favorite things about America is that we AREN’T all refined with polished edges and dollies on our heads,” the actress tweets. For more of her favorites, check out the full article.