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Kirstie Alley Explains Why She’s Joined New Social Media Site: ‘I Want to Speak About Issues’

by Thad Mitchell
(Photo by Cindy Ord/Getty Images)

Politically outspoken actress Kristie Alley is looking for a new avenue to share her thoughts and ideas. Alley has reportedly joined “Parler,” a relatively new social media network that claims to be unbiased and focused on user experience.

Alley has been active on social media, often speaking up on her support for President Donald Trump. On Tuesday, she expresses her desire for a different social network experience. Responding to a Tweet asking her to chat on Parler, Alley says she is ready for a change.

“Yes! We need to chat in Parler,” a Twitter user says to Alley. “I got pummeled after just commenting on your tweet. You have a lot of mean people who like you Kirstie!”

Alley responds to the tweet, saying she is looking for a place to “speak about issues” and “see where people need help.”

“OMG..I just want a place where I can talk and get things done,” she says. “I want to speak about issues, see where people need help, see what’s going on their communities. See where I can be of service stuff like that you know..the good stuff.”

She concludes the tweet with an American Flag, muscle and red heart emoji.

Alley Receives Backlash for Trump Support

The actress has received a great deal of social media backlash for her unapologetic support of Donald Trump. She first voiced her support of Trump earlier this fall. Since then, she has frequently tweeted about Trump and other political issues.

In another tweet, she explains why she chose to join Parler.

“I love all you Democrats independents too,” she writes. “I’m hoping Twitter can get back to mostly chitchatting like the good all days. I’ll take responsibility for it getting away from that. One reason I joined Parler is to discuss politics in a manner more conducive of sharing ideas.”