KISS Member Gene Simmons Shares Insane Streaming Numbers for Band in 2020

by Will Shepard
(Photo by Scott Dudelson/Getty Images)

Gene Simmons is iconic for many reasons, in particular his music. As a key member of the band KISS, Simmons has found fame.

Spotify has a cool feature for its users called “wrapped.” This feature allows users to see their music statistics over the year. It shows the top artists that the users listen to as well as their top songs. People love to see how they compare to others who listen to the same artists.

For bands though, Spotify does relatively the same thing. In particular, Spotify shows the number of streams artists have accrued over the year. This also includes how many people listen, how many hours are spent listening, and how many countries listen to their music.

Simmons took to Twitter to share KISS’ statistics over the year.

Simmons says, “I usually ignore this sort of thing. But they sent me this, so I thought I’d share it with you.”

No matter how you cut this, over 307 million streams of a single artist are incredible. Simmons is certainly excited to share the news.

While it seems that Simmons doesn’t have Spotify, but rather got the news by way of an email. Regardless, the statistics put up by KISS are preposterous.

Simmons and KISS

Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley co-founded KISS in 1970. After Simmons – in middle school at the time – watched all the girls scream about the Beatles, he decided to start his own band. Clearly, this was a great move.

Over the past year, KISS has been relatively quiet. In 2020, Kiss released an album of re-vamped songs they have produced over the years. Fans are certainly still very much in love with their music, as the statistics reflect as much.

Despite being constantly in the public eye, the band is a household name and will be always played. It’s been 46 years since KISS released their first studio album called “KISS.”