KISS Residency in Las Vegas Cancelled for Unknown Reason

by Clayton Edwards
(Photo by Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for A&E)

Legendary rock band KISS planned to kick off their nearly two-month run at Las Vegas’ Zappos Theater at Planet Hollywood in late December. Unfortunately, that’s no longer happening. The band hasn’t made a statement about the cancelation at the time of writing. However, a local news source reported yesterday evening that tickets for the event are no longer available. This comes a little more than a week after Gene Simmons listed his Vegas estate for sale. The public doesn’t know if these things are related at this time.

The Las Vegas Review-Journal reported that Caesars Entertainment/Ticketmaster pulled the tickets for the event yesterday. As a result, they reached out to Zappos Theater reps for information on KISS’ residency. The reps stated that ticket providers would contact ticket holders with refund information in the following days. Additionally, they advised the Review-Journal to follow the band’s website for information on the cancelation.

KISS did post news on their website yesterday. However, they announced a deluxe edition of their classic album Destroyer. They made no mention of the cancelation on their site. At the same time, their social media accounts make no mention of the Las Vegas residency. So, if anyone knows why the band backed out of the string of shows on the strip, they’re not going public with that information.

KISS kicked off their End of the Road World Tour in August. It has been plagued with problems, so far. For instance, both Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley tested positive for COVID-19 and had to postpone several dates throughout August and September.

Speculation on the Canceled KISS Residency

Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley weren’t the only people on the KISS tour to catch COVID. In fact, their longtime guitar tech Francis Stueber died from the virus in a Detroit hotel room on October 17th. He was 53 years old. Rolling Stone ran a damning story in which the band’s crew blames their lack of COVID safety protocols for Stueber’s death. That story ran just one day before the Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Famers unceremoniously canceled their Vegas residency. The crew members spoke to the magazine anonymously, saying that the band didn’t take enough safety measures. They place the blame for the guitar tech’s death on the band’s shoulders.

However, a production executive for the KISS tour disputed those claims, according to PopCulture. They claimed that the band required vaccination cards and masks for all crew members. Furthermore, they claimed that crew members were tested for the virus regularly.

There is currently no evidence that the Rolling Stone story and the cancelation are in any way correlated. However, it does seem like an odd coincidence. We won’t know for sure until KISS makes an official statement.