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KISS Rocker Gene Simmons Selling California Mansion After Promising to Leave California: Take a Tour of His Incredible Old Home

by Madison Miller
Photo by: Kevin Winter/Getty Images for ABA

Iconic KISS rocker Gene Simmons is kissing farewell to his luxurious California mansion and hello to the Nevada desert.

Simmons has decided to leave California and instead head over to Nevada. He spent over $8 million on a new mansion located near the ultimate party hotspot, Las Vegas.

Gene Simmons Leaves California For Nevada

According to TMZ, Simmons got a new 6-bed, 8-bath home near Henderson. The mansion is modern. One of the most interesting features is the walk to the front entrance. People appear to float over a pathway entrance that is also a koi pond. The mansion also has floor-to-ceiling glass walls.

While it’s certainly no downgrade, Gene Simmons is leaving behind a pretty spectacular home base in California. Apparently, it wasn’t the house, it was the place that made him leave. He told reporters recently, “There are earthquakes, fires and pandemics every year. Even though there is nice sunshine, I’m done.”

Beyond that, Simmons was just looking for a more peaceful environment. “It’s time for a quieter lifestyle. No more tour buses or celebrity maps or fires or earthquakes. We love the fans, but it’s time to get away from everyone,” Simmons said, according to LA Times.

He originally put the mansion up for $25 million in March of this year. His Beverly Hills home is now sitting with a price tag under the $20 million mark. In an interview with ET, Simmons and Shannon Tweed give everyone a look into their Beverly Hills living.

The massive mansion sits on two acres and is 14,000 square feet. He purchased the home for $1.35 million in 1984, meaning he’s getting quite the profit from the home. Gene Simmons put over six figures of work into the house, which is what made him originally increase the asking price between October and March, before dropping it again.

According to Mansion Global, Simmons is leaning on Matt and Joshua Altman from the show “Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles” to handle the listing.

The property has its own tennis court, long driveway, and motor court. It is seven bedrooms and nine bathrooms. Also included in the property is a foyer, a bar, an office, a pool, a spa, and a number of other luxurious amenities.

Sophie Simmons’ Career

The Beverly Hills mansion is where Gene Simmons and Shannon Tweed raised their two kids, Nick and Sophie.

While Gene Simmons is looking to make a move away from California, his daughter Sophie is looking to make moves in the music industry all on her own.

She told Harpers Bazaar in 2018 that music has been her dream since she was 4. Sophie wants to pursue music and the stardom that can follow, but on her own terms.

“Everything in my life was so different than other kids’ already that I didn’t want to go into the same field as my parents and be on the fast track to be a kid star. I wanted to do it myself, and I wanted it to be hard, and I wanted it to be genuine when it did happen, at the right time, with songs that I wrote, not that people gave to me,” Sophie Simmons said.

Her song “Black Mirror” is one of her most popular. It did well on the Women of Electronics playlists when it was released. Sophie was also on “X Factor” in 2012 and has been an active advocate for body positivity.

Simmons is currently an independent artist and struggled to try to find a label to sign her. However, she isn’t too concerned with finding and signing to a label.