Korie Robertson Declares Motto and ‘Word for the Year’ for 2021 in New Post

by Emily Morgan

“Duck Dynasty” matriarch Korie Robertson recently revealed her new motto for 2021. On Thursday, Robertson took to Instagram to deliver a motivating message to her followers.

“I’ve been thinking about that advice I sent our fam for the holidays to ‘show up with your whole self for what you can and don’t sweat the rest.’ I’ve decided that’s going to be my motto for 2021,” she began the heartfelt post.

“My word for the year is ‘present,’ as in I’m going to be more mindful than ever about being there with my whole self wherever I am. One of the definitions of ‘present’ is ‘fully focused on or involved in what one is doing or experiencing.’ That sounds like really living! What’s your word? Or motto for the year? If you don’t have one yet it’s not too late!”

Korie Robertson Opens Up About New App & The Role Of Media

The 47-year-old mother of five redirected her focus last November when she partnered with a faith-based app called Glorify.

In addition, the app is near and dear to Robertson’s heart as it combines two of the things she cherished most: faith and family.

During an interview, she opened up about the app’s development and her excitement about getting to share it with the world.

“I’ve been so excited to tell you about something I’ve been doing, and am a founding partner in. It’s an app called @glorifyappofficial. It’s a devotion and meditation app full of God’s word,” Robertson explains.

Robertson has also been a big believer in dissecting and understanding the media we consume. Her role as a mom inspired her to investigate how our media shapes us into the person we become.

“Through the music we listen to, the apps we open, entertainment we watch, people we hang out with…we put in negativity, hate, gossip, slander, faulty ideas, mixed up messages about success, sex, body image… and we expect to get a different outcome in our own lives,” Robertson posted on soical media.

This exploration culminated when she partnered with Glorifiy’s development team.

Furthermore, she says, “What is actually true, lovely, excellent and praiseworthy! There are devotions, affirmations, meditations, prayer, and music for adults and now kids! I’ve put the link in my bio. It’s totally free, go download it now, and see the difference it makes. What goes in, must come out!”