Korie Robertson Encourages Fans to ‘Try the Way of Love in 2021’ Alongside Bible Verses

by Joe Rutland

Korie Robertson, the wife of “Duck Dynasty” star Willie Robertson, is asking her fans to take a different path, the path of love, for 2021.

In her latest Instagram post, Robertson makes a plea to bring more love into people’s lives. She also shares a bit of Scripture from St. Paul’s letter to the Ephesians.

Korie Robertson is quite proud of her family, starting with her husband Willie as well as her daughters Sadie, Willa, and Rebecca. Last December, she expressed her love for them specifically in another Instagram post.

In her comments, Korie Robertson writes, “These girls are all the things I’d hoped they would be: patient, kind, not envious or boastful, not proud or rude, not self-seeking or easily angered, they don’t keep record of wrongs, they don’t delight in evil, they rejoice in truth. They hope, trust, and persevere. Because they know they are loved by the God who is love, they radiate love. I’m so thankful to be their mama🤍.”

Korie Robertson Speaks Out About Adoption

She used her Instagram platform to help advocate the importance of adoption. Korie and Willie adopted their sons Will and Rowdy. Rebecca is their foster daughter but also continues to be very close to the family.

“We are always open to adoption … We feel like adoption has blessed our family in so many ways,” said Korie Robertson at an Angels in Adoption event back in 2015. “And we are so thankful for our kids both biological and adopted. So ‘never say never.’ That’s for sure.”

Robertson reminds people in her post not only of the significance of adoption, but also that it may not be as pricey as some people think.

“Also, a reminder that adopting from foster care is totally free and there are many kids in the foster care system waiting for forever families,” Robertson wrote.

Robertsons Share Vacation Pictures With Their Fans

Back in September 2020, Willie Robertson showed that he has been living the good life since the “Duck Dynasty” series finale aired. 

When “Duck Dynasty” ended in 2017, some thought its stars would be too busy pursuing other business opportunities to have fun. But the Robertsons have been having a blast in the years since.

Willie Robertson made a splash several months ago with a photo on his Instagram account of his new haircut: buzzed on the sides and trimmed. It had been 17 years since he visited a barber.

Now Willie and Korie Robertson started sharing pictures from their vacation time in Colorado back in September. The photos are available on her Instagram account. 

Accompanying the photos are Bible verses and personal anecdotes. For example, Korie posts: “Spent the last couple of days living that cowboy life and loved every minute. One of us really got in the spirit, ha! @realwilliebosshog came straight from an elk hunt so he had all camo and hiking boots in his suitcase.” 

H/T: Fox News