Korie Robertson Poses with Pregnant Daughter Sadie and Pregnant Daughter-in-Law: ‘My Heart Is Bursting’

by Katie Maloney
(Photo by Paul Zimmerman/WireImage)

Duck Dynasty’s Korie Robertson shares a heartwarming post about her family and future family members.

There are a lot of upcoming additions to the Robertson family. Sadie Robertson announced she was pregnant late last year. Although she hasn’t shared her exact due date, it seems that baby Robertson should arrive around April of this year. But Sadie is not the only family member expecting a baby. Mary Kate Robertson, wife of Sadie’s brother John Luke, is also expecting her second child. The couple announced they were expecting another baby late last year. Korie Robertson recently shared a photo of herself with Sadie and Mary Kate.

Along with the photo, Korie wrote, “I signed the back of our family Christmas card this past year “With full hands and full hearts, The Robertsons” That’s how I hoped we’d live in 2021. Well, my heart is bursting! Sweetest shower for @legitsadierob and @marykaterob 💗💗 I love having a front row seat to you two bringing your baby girls into the world!! Also, don’t worry I’m excited about the full hands part too, I’m pretty good at holding two babies at one time 🤗Can’t wait!”

Korie Robertson Shares Throwback Photo Of Her And Willie On Valentine’s Day

Even after 29 years together, Korie Robertson is still finding ways to be romantic. In a Valentine’s post on Instagram, Korie shared photos of her and the duck calling king Willie Robertson. The photos showed the two long before Willie ever had a beard and before Korie donned blonde hair.

Along with the photos, Korie Robertson wrote, “Oh, we loved each other, but to be honest, these two kids didn’t really have a clue what it meant to fully love like this when we first started out. We did our best, made all the mistakes, but we stayed in there and kept working towards the kind of love that these beautiful words describe. We’re still not perfect but I’m thankful to say our love looks a whole lot more like this after 29 years together!”